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Reading – Tuesday Twosome

Written By: Gary on May 4, 2004 No Comment
  • Do you prefer: Fiction or non-fiction? Fiction, unless it’s reference. If I’m building something or programming, fiction doesn’t help too much!
  • Do you prefer: Magazines or books? Books!
  • Do you prefer: Biography or autobiography? Autobiography, they generally add a bit of insulting tidbits that someone else (nice) might not add.
  • Name your two favorite books: “So You Want To Be A Wizard?” by DIane Duane, she just came out with book sever (or six?) been doing the kids as wizards way before Harry Potter; the difference is there a rules and prices to pay for large amounts of wizardry. “Lightning” by Dean Koontz, I can’t believe this hasn’t been made into a movie.
  • Name two books you haven’t read, but plan to: The new Jonathan Kellerman book called “Therapy”, it’s waiting at the reserve desk at the library. The new Wizardry book (“A Wizard on Holiday”?) by Diane Duane.

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