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Written By: Gary on November 23, 2005 No Comment

So it’s something in the front end. The plate where tires get bolted on. I actually thought it was something like that (I checked to make sure the bolts were tight).

(Technical words that I didn’t really write down or listen to were removed to protect the non-technical)
Them (Sales and Repair guys): So it’s the thingy in the front end where the tires attach to the front of the car. (Or something like that)
Me: I’ve had a lot of work done in the front before…? (they generally have good warrantees so I wanted to make sure it wasn’t something I already did)
Sales guy: No, not at all, you’ve had ____, _____, _____ and _____ done before.
(I’m sure my eyes glaze over like I see when I’m explaining gigabytes and ram and firewire and WiFi to others)
Me: That’s not all in the front end?
Repair guy: Laughs (at sales guy and says) yeah that’s all in the front end.

So we work out the details and such. The right side is worse but I get both sides done. Like I said, I do try to take care of it.

Sales guy: It’ll be about two hours
Me: You sure?
Repair guy: Yeah that’s about right.
Me: You’re really sure? Four hours is okay, but I’ll go do something else if it’s really longer than two hours.
Them: They pretty much promise it’ll be about 2 hours… (We’ll see)

If it’s not ready, I know they’ll blame it on getting the part. Like I said, even 8 hours would have been fine, I just want to go do stuff. And it’s cold and wet (wet snow, actually) out so it’s a hassle to walk home if it’s only 2 hours. If it wasn’t wet, I’d just bundle up and rollerblade home and not think twice about it.

So I’m at Burger King, which is about 20-25% of the way home. I’m eating the wonderful Chicken Tendercrisp sandwich and unlimited Coca-Cola and enjoying theur semi-wireless Internet access (which is pretty much what I’d probably be doing if I was home). It’s only semi-wireless since it’s wired but my AirPort Express makes it wireless for me…

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