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My blog has been taken over

Written By: Gary on December 11, 2006 2 Comments

So my blog has been taken over by comments about “Mynewtemp”. The original post is here and as of today it has 179 comments over two years! It’s almost a message board…

I refuse to mention the post by name (fearful of diverting people to this post) which is why I used the graphic above instead of text. I did have someone offer to place an ad on the page which I think I might check into since… well… since I can I guess. It’s only gotten busier in the last few weeks so I guess now’s the time…

GravatarSo as I went to check the page out I see Gravatar has pushed all their icons onto my page for the people who don’t actually have Gravatar icoms on my page. It’s kind of annoying, maybe there is a way to turn them off. I worked really hard to get it set right for people who have the icon vs. people who don’t….


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2 Responses to “My blog has been taken over”

  1. kazza says on: 13 December 2006 at 3:55 am

    My aqua one AR-620T page got like that… it’s massive .. no idea how many comments it’s had tho :) .. egads, I just plugged the table into excel – 456 lines!! holy crap!!

    My no-gravatar icon is still showing my own custom one …

  2. Gary LaPointe says on: 10 February 2007 at 11:13 am

    I did get this fixed. I modified my code to avoid the problem…

    It seems when they took their site down all error pages were replaced with the above image and whatever I was doing to force blank images to load when there was no icon caused an error(?) with their temporary setup.

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