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Mutually exclusive

Written By: Gary on August 14, 2004 One Comment

So I’m reading Zhaba Zhournal and looked at her about zhaba link and one of the items says:

Married, monogamous, bisexual (no, those aren’t mutually exclusive)

and I just keep chuckling at her parenthetical information. Did she get comments or just put that in in the first place? (I’m pretty big on parenthetical information myself).

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One Response to “Mutually exclusive”

  1. Abby says on: 17 August 2004 at 4:42 pm

    Hey, thanks for stopping by :-) (I meant to post a comment sooner but there’s that working-at-work thing…) I never got any online comments, but I do know some people who, when they heard I was doing the marrying-a-man thing, said “So you’re just going to stop having sex with women?” Well, yeah – and stop having sex with other men, too. Just because “bisexual” has “sex” right in the middle doesn’t mean “I’ll shag anyone or thing that comes my way,” regardless of what Joe Esterhazy movies would have us believe. (And yes, I do love parentheses. [And brackets inside them, too.]) ;-)

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