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MovableType 3.0

Written By: Gary on May 13, 2004 5 Comments

MovableType released their new version of blogging software and just about everyone has gone through the roof. They’ve got a new pricing scheme and guess what? It’s not free any more. And everyone is whining. The software has only been out for a few hours, it’s not like everyone is desperate for an upgrade. Many folks seem like they are going to jump ship immediately?!? The biggest feature seems to be the registration for comments which not many people seem interested in.

My favorite whine is: “it doesn’t have that many more features and it costs too much”, well, keep using the version you’ve got then.

I probably won’t upgrade unless it’s got some great feature in it. But I don’t rush out and buy the latest version of anything the day it comes out either… I might switch over to a different product and I might rave about it when I do, but I don’t think I’ll whine about MovableType when I do (especially if the only thing they screw up about it is the price/marketing).

I love MovableType, it’s the only blogging software I’ve tried but it seems that’s what all the cool kids (i.e. smart) are using. I mean I really like it, it’s great. I have see a few other things but they seemed a little more complicated but I may peek into it some more. It’s fun from a programming standpoint, it’s flexible and I really have been having a lot fun with it.

I gotta ask again. “What’s wrong with your current 2.661 version of Movable Type that would make you migrate to another piece of software?” I haven’t noticed anyone complaining that 3.0 has (crucial) features they want and can’t afford.


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5 Responses to “MovableType 3.0”

  1. Rob says on: 14 May 2004 at 10:37 am

    May main problem is exactly that:

    It doesn’t have many new features AND it cost too much. One or the other I could live with. I’d be happy to pay for a system that had major changes and would be equally happy if it was just an overhaul of the basic MT2.6 engine offered under the same licensing scheme.

    What’s gotten so many people incensed is the fact the SA are charging for something that is (in effect) 2.6 with a face lift.

    Now, why would anyone want to upgrade? 3 main reasons. First is support. If everyone in the MT forums is talking about MT3 issues then an MT2.6 user is not going to get much attention. Second is extensibility. A lot of the plugins for MT2.6 don’t work with MT3 (a very good reason not to upgrade if you ask me) and will be upgraded, possibly with new features included. The third is simple vanity… no one likes to think they are using out of date software!

    My own personal concern is that Six Apart are going to lose support from the people who helped them put MT where is is today – at the top of the blogging software pile – and I don’t think they can afford to do this, even with the new pricing structure.

    Just my $0.02 worth.


  2. Jason says on: 14 May 2004 at 11:45 am

    My thoughts exactly Rob. It’s not that I want/need 3.0. It’s that I will want to take advantage of new and great things that will be built UPON 3.0 and the support that goes with it. But $70 for only 3 authors and 5 blogs is just REDICULOUS. That’s Microsoft pricing model right there.

    I’ve been considering switching away from MovableType for a few months as it is. I am possibly looking for more community oriented software such as Drupal. This is just the kick in the pants I needed.

    I am curious, Gary, did you trackback ping everyone “whining” just to get them to read your entry?

  3. Gary says on: 14 May 2004 at 12:08 pm

    Nope. Just a few (I’m guessing 8?) of the particularly articulate folks (and now I’ve found a few more blogs to read!). There were WAY too many otherwise. I haven’t ever seen such a flurry of comments on anything: war, torture, etc. (or anything else that really matters lately). And many people were talking about jumping ship this week because of it (without complaining of any problems with what they have). I’m not even sure what’s wrong with the free version for most (many?) people.

    I do understand switching products if you don’t like the company/policies any more. And it may make them change their mind. I may even switch. But I think I’ll wait a few more hours to decide. From what many are saying about the lack of features I’m not sure why they’d upgrade even if it was free.

    And yes, I do agree things are more popular when they are free and eveyone promoting their free product made it more popular

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