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Movable Type 4.0

Written By: Gary on August 22, 2007 2 Comments

Mt4So Movable Type 4.0 is out. I thought it was odd that you can’t purchase a personal license any more, just a business one. Don’t panic though, you can still get a personal license for free but purchasing it used to get you “official” support and (it looks like) that’s not available. But I was mistaken, for $49 you can get a year of support(see Anil’s comment below) you just have to buy it from the business page. I really don’t think I ever used the support (or at least not very often) so not a huge deal, but I think it’s odd that it’s hard to realize that you can buy support you just have to go to the business page. And I still think it’s weird it’s cheaper to buy two 5 user licenses than one 10 user license.

Plus, come fall they plan to release some kind of OpenSource version this fall, which will be very interesting…On a side note, while I love Movable Type and I’d love to upgrade, I’ll have to wait for the 4.1 release, I keep my installation too complicated and installing always brings the bugs to light (old plug-ins that break, bugs that I used to my advantage that might be fixed, and obviously the possibility of new bugs) I’ll wait for the revisions so it’s one less thing to worry about. Plus, I’m really afraid MT-Blacklist will stop working; it still deletes hundreds of messages a day for me with no intervention (since May of 2005 it’s deleted way over one-third of a million billion spam messages that I’ve not even had to glance at) that with SpamLookUp keeps me sane.

Although, I must point out, everyone on-line seems to be saying that MT 4.0 is pretty painless to install…

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2 Responses to “Movable Type 4.0”

  1. Anil says on: 22 August 2007 at 1:02 am

    Hey Gary, just wanted to let you know that you can buy a year of support from us, even for the free personal license, for $49.95. See here:


    And yep, MT4’s been pretty painless for most people to install, but if you’re worried about stuff like spam, drop me a line and I can talk you through the options you’ve got there.

  2. Gary LaPointe says on: 22 August 2007 at 10:50 am

    So I’ve rewritten my post above quite a bit, usually I can just fix it or add a few strikeouts to hide (but still show my mistake).

    I’m disturbed to edit it that much but I needed it to reflect the info that Anil gave me. People using search or RSS readers might have actually come here from a different bit of text…

    But I love MovableType and wanted the content to be more accurate for readers like you :)

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