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More funerals

Written By: Gary on December 11, 2004 No Comment

So I made a visit to the funeral home today. I forgot how many people show up when the person is so young. He was about 24 and he had been a student in the school district where I work and his mother works there (in a position where many many people know her and trust her) so there there were just bunches of people. There were teachers who don’t even work there any more, people who knew mom and whose kids knew mom and it was really sad to see how many people were there. It was an automobile accident and there had been another death of a former student this past week (also an auto accident related) so everyone was even sadder than usual.

I didn’t think there’d be that many people I knew there and wasn’t really thinking I’d have to be social and make much real conversation. I usually say hello (and do the other stuff) and then I usually get lucky and find someone’s kids to entertain while I’m there. Most times I go to these things I generally don’t know the family or I don’t really know the deceased; this time my connection was to both. I know his mother from work and earlier this year I was complaining about our department being behind in some things and she did the mom thing and mentioned that he was between jobs and so he worked for our department for a little while doing some various tech jobs for us. She talked to me for a little bit about that today to me (I was surprised she even remembered in the state that she must be in) and the impact and the closure for him being around in the district and such. I seem to recall that someone told me he was more of the spiked hair type of kid when he was a student and that wasn’t the case now so he’d probably gone through a few changes since then…

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