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More Egypt Photos – Egypt Day 4

Written By: Gary on June 12, 2006 2 Comments

I know I’ve been back for over a month but here’s another 80 photos from Egypt from day four, we’re still in Luxor: there’s a lot of local shots, some temple photos and a felucca sailboat ride..

  • Around town – Various shorts from around Luxor (Marilyn and I walked ALL over town). Photos of a place where I bought a scarf, a few odd internet places, some apartments and a few street scenes.
  • Temple of Luxor – Some more photos of the outside of Luxor Temple (as were were walking around town).
  • Faluga Ride – A sunset ride on a felucca sailboat ride which is named for it’s different shaped (but we had no wind).
  • Luxor at night – A carriage ride around Luxor at night, dinner and some photos from around town.

    I know I’m only on day 4 of the bulk photos, but it’s been busy. I’ll get some more out the next few weeks, it’s less cRaZy at work, plus I’ve got a few more days off.

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    2 Responses to “More Egypt Photos – Egypt Day 4”

    1. Mocha says on: 12 June 2006 at 2:27 pm

      Gary! Have a fab time! I’m jealous beyond words. Except that I’m using words to say things to the computer screen like, “Oh, damn. He is lucky.” and “Shit. I wish I was there!” and stuff like that. Have a blast.

      Hey, can you get me one of those colorful scarves? Ummm… the one in the back, three to the right of the guy with the peachy-pinky color? Yeah. That one. I want it.

    2. Gary LaPointe says on: 12 June 2006 at 2:31 pm

      Oops, reading Mocha’s comment, I realize I wasn’t very clear for new readers (so I modified the post). I went to Egypt in April and blogged and posted (limited) photos while I was there, but I’m still catching up on stories and lots more photos.

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