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Mmmm….. Philly Beef and Swiss…

Written By: Gary on March 19, 2007 3 Comments

So I have this killer headache (all day) and don’t feel like cooking so I head up to the bar around the corner (it seems like I eat there a lot on Mondays, but without the headache). Actually, I was on my way home, so I didn’t actually go “around” the corner. I popped in to the restroom first thing and when I come out the bartender/waitress has a menu and accessories (napkins, silverware and drink serviette) all set up at my favorite table (one of the 2 spots I pick as a first preference) and I like that. Plus, they had what I wanted for dinner, a philly beef and swiss sandwich (with a LIIT), actually I would have preferred the prime rib dip sandwich but this was a close second (they’re both huge sandwiches).

This is my regular place but I’m not a regular, I’m only semi-regular. This means when Jane left (6pm shift change) I wasn’t one of the people she said “see you tomorrow” to. And I have to say some of these people are here every time I stop in…

Now I’m off to Circuit City to see if they really have 24 minute pickup for my Buffalo WHR-G54S router. Yes I need two, now that I’ve discovered how cool it is, I want to play with another one. Then to the library (a book is in) and a quick trip to the grocery store. Then home to relax with a snack and last night’s Battlestar Galactica!

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3 Responses to “Mmmm….. Philly Beef and Swiss…”

  1. Gary LaPointe says on: 19 March 2007 at 11:28 pm

    So it was probably an hour before I got to CC and they had my order ready for me. I really thought it was going to turn into a hassle but it was a breeze. They did have their 24 minutes or $24 policy so I thought even if I had to wait I might get a bonus on that.

    Galactica was great (as usualm but a little slower than usual) but I’m tired of the father and son always fighting it’s getting a little old.

    And the headache went away somewhere along the line…

  2. Paula says on: 20 March 2007 at 1:17 pm

    I get a lot of killer headaches and sometimes a heavy dose of protein helps (not always). Glad it’s gone!

  3. ZuDfunck says on: 21 March 2007 at 12:20 pm

    A fellow Michigander…

    We should start a Michigan Blogroll, but I suppose with the world wide web, geography is secondary!

    thanx for visiting ZuD!

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