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MacBook 13 inch model – Is this better than my 12 inch powerbook?

Written By: Gary on May 18, 2006 No Comment

So Apple finally released a new smaller Intel Core Duo laptop. It’s just called the MacBook (no “pro”) and as far as I can tell be biggest difference is the fact that it doesn’t have separate graphics hardware. My big question is why? Why not just put in the better graphics for $50 more and be done with it? I want a small and powerful machine! I don’t think I’ve heard any rumors of a small pro model yet. Has anyone?

So let’s compare this to my favorite laptop, the 12 inch powerbook. It’s a all around, but a little thinner (10.9“ wide, 8.6” deep and 1.18“ thin for the PB and 12.78” wide, 8.92“ deep and 1.08” thin) but it’s 5.2 pounds which is 0.6 pounds heavier, which is huge when you consider the 15 inch model is only 5.6 pounds.

Bonuses on the MacBook: built-in iSight camera, up to 2 GB of memory (compared to 1.25 GB), optical audio in and out, a slightly larger screen, Front Row (with remote) and I’m assuming it’s a lot faster for the native applications (has anyone seen any speed tests comparing it to a 12 inch PowerBook?). But the best part? I like the plastic case better than the metal ones! The metal ones are too slippery…

It’s only $1099 and Amazon has a $100 rebate right now on it. Oh, it comes in black for $150 more and I can’t figure out why it’s more. It’s actually $200 more but it comes with a larger hard drive which would be $50 more anyways.

Anyone know if there are plans for a 13 inch MacBook PRO?

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