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Kyle XY – Only 2 more episodes

Written By: Gary on August 15, 2006 One Comment

So I’ve mentioned Kyle XY before and I really like Kyle XY (the character) and “Kyle XY” the show. As I was watching this week’s episode I was afraid I was wrong and there were only 8 episodes and not ten, but I checked and there are still two more (Overheard and Endgame). I’m afraid they’ll rush it because they just introduced a new story arc. Some spoilers follow…

In case you haven’t been watching, Kyle is super smart and he has no belly button. So there’s something odd about him on multiple levels. We found a picture of someone he looks like so I’m assuming he’s a clone, but that yet may not be the case.

I’m really enjoying the series. It’s strange that it’s a Monday ABC Family show but it’s being carried (rerunning the previous Monday) on Friday’s on regular ABC in widescreen HD (high definition).


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One Response to “Kyle XY – Only 2 more episodes”

  1. Mocha says on: 16 August 2006 at 8:20 pm

    My boys are keeping me posted on this show and I know more than I need to about something which I’ve never watched! But the belly buttonlessness (yep – totally made up) is interesting.

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