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iTunes v.5 Pluses and Minuses

Written By: Gary on September 7, 2005 One Comment

Plus: So they’ve finally released a phone with Apple iTunes it’s the ROKR by Motorola (with a camera and speakers built in), it’s sorta like a shuffle with a display. Very cool! 100 Songs on your phone to sync with iTunes (I assumed you would be able download via the phone but I don’t see any references to that, so I guess not). It’s $249, but I’m sure it’ll drop by the holidays… (It looks like you can get it for $99 after rebates and activating a plan)

Minus: They release a new version of iTunes, which seems great but it screwed up on the import of the old data, it gave me an error and renamed my library to “iTunes Library (Damaged)”. It screwed up my list of podcasts, moved all of them to the regular music library and deleted my subscriptions. I could re-add them, if I could remember them :(

Warning: Extra-geeky content follows…

In addition, from the iPod it deleted 6GB of podcasts and says it can’t sync (error -39) but no suggestions on recovering.

UPDATE: So I couldn’t get it to sync, ran Disk Utility (etc.). Deleted the photo sync cache. I removed all the photos. Told it not to sync any photos. Tried adding podcasts, deleting podcasts. Then not to sync any Podcasts. Somewhere in the I had two podcast playlists (and another playlist was upset with that, which I deleted way earlier) so I made sure those were gone (I still have the podcast group). Eventually it started working okay. Probably one of the steps towards the end. Who knows…

I adding a gajillion podcasts back in. Added my photos and I seem to be a-okay (so far).

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One Response to “iTunes v.5 Pluses and Minuses”

  1. Kevin says on: 9 September 2005 at 10:55 am

    Wow. Sorry to hear about your 5.0 conversion problems. Hate to say it, but mine went smooth as silk. All 43 Gigs of songs transferred beautifully and all my podcasts are 100% intact. Must’ve been one helluva glitch you had.

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