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“It was you…”

Written By: Gary on February 25, 2004 One Comment

They said they’d never release Roswell on DVD. They said that it would cost to much for all the music rights. But it just came out on DVD. But they said they couldn’t because… Oh. I got it… They changed the music…

I’m better now. Let’s get back on topic.

I’ve seen the first episode again (and again). It’s proably my most watched show ever (except maybe Sports Night but that’s another story). It’s a great show: aliens, kids tricking the authorities, a festival, Sarah McLachlan, Area 51, Jonathan Frakes and more great music. What could be better than that?

It starts off with Liz writing in her journal and a flashback to the Crashdown Cafe . Two customers in the cafe get in an argument and Liz accidentally gets shot and then Max heals her. It’s a great scene, great visuals, great music (did I mention Sarah?), just plain great. The sheriff’s dad used to believe in aliens and now he’s starting to believe. Did I mention that Liz is dating the sheriff’s son? It just gets better from there. :)

Did I tell you it’s a really good episode? If they changed any of the music, I didn’t notice anything. But I think the band was the same one who did some of the background music for the original episodes (but I could be wrong on that). It had a (minor) deleted scene, but I think it’ll be fun to seen them all again. They’re mildly widescreened (letterboxed), I don’t think they originally were. Well, I’m happy that’s it’s out and just needed to say so.

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One Response to ““It was you…””

  1. Dave2 says on: 2 January 2005 at 4:13 pm

    We seem to have similar tastes in shows then… Roswell and Sports Night? There are other terrific shows I’d like to see on DVD including my favorite of all time: Jeremy Piven’s “Cupid” and the remarkable “Wonderfalls” (which is supposed to hit DVD in February?).

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