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Isabel is Isobel is Isabel

Written By: Gary on November 7, 2004 2 Comments

KheiglIsn’t it strange that on all the different shows that Katherine Heigl has been on that she has done at least three different rolls with several versions of the same (semi-unique?) name? That would be Roswell Grey’s Anatomy and Wuthering Heights she played Isabel and Isobel and Isabel. I just think that’s a little weird…

I’ll mention the fourth Aizy (from Critical Assembly) because it’s a lot like several of the nicknames she had for Isabel (Izzie and Issa). You can see this all at her listing on the IMDB.

She’s supposed to be on a new show Grey’s Anatomy and when I looked up to see when it started I saw her name so it made me start thinking. (FYI – It’s now slated for January 2005)

Did you know she’s engaged to Jason Behr who played her brother on Roswell?

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2 Responses to “Isabel is Isobel is Isabel”

  1. Dawn (webmiztris) says on: 8 November 2004 at 11:23 am

    Wow, that really is pretty odd…

  2. Jenni says on: 9 November 2004 at 8:51 am

    1. Oh god. Why? I was supposed to marry Jason Behr.
    2. My sister has a cooler name … Isabella. We call her Bella for short. ^_^
    3. Also, thanks for waking me from the dead. I need to stop and breathe (and post) from time to time.

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