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iPods people just love ’em

Written By: Gary on December 12, 2004 One Comment

People love their iPods!! Or if they don’t have one, they crave one…

Of the hard drive digital music players they have something outrageous like 90% of the market and 40-something percent of the whole (HD and Flash Memory) market. Some numbers depend on how you measure (World, North America, US, etc.)

In a non-Apple-centric world they gotta be doing something right to get that much market share…
Think about it, HP has second place because they are buying the Apple model and adding (note: not removing anything) an HP logo to the back (and probably not offering engraving).

Battery whiners aside (that it doesn’t last long enough), it’s pretty easy to get in the habit of charging them, just put the charger by your cell phone and voila! (or get a car charger, like your cell phone). It’ll charge off your Firewire (and maybe USB) ports so it charges when you sync it with your songs (and it charges even if you don’t sync).

Sorry to preach but I’ve just been reading snotty comments from people who obviously don’t have one and who couldn’t at least make a positive recommendation towards another one (or at least offer to sell the one they might have had “if” it wasn’t any good). At least make a case that they’re more expensive than others out there. There’s a reason everyone in the world isn’t driving the least expensive car, they don’t have the perks that the more expensive ones have (but they still get them to where they’re going).

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One Response to “iPods people just love ’em”

  1. Howard Hill says on: 13 December 2004 at 7:52 am

    Personally I have always felt Apple did things partially right. Although they do a great job of keeping things easy for the user, they also keep a strangle hold on the hardware, which keeps prices up. The iPod is no different. Yea, battery life may suck, but then again so does battery life on just about everything anymore. From what I have heard its battery life is right on par with most Palm/Pocket PCs, and from what I have seen of some people’s cell phone it is not far off from that. I guess as long as you can play it while charging why should anyone care?

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