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All around and about the Princess Patricia

Written By: Gary on July 7, 2013 2 Comments

So we left Vancouver yesterday evening and we’re on our way to Alaska aboard the Princess Patricia. From the itinerary we’re in the Seymour Narrows and Johnstone Strait and then through Queen Charlotte Sound and the Grenville Channel. I probably wouldn’t have gotten any of those correct on a quiz (or a map!). We’re still in British Columbia for the whole day since I know from our itinerary that the first stop tomorrow morning is one of the first towns on the coast of Alaska so we must cross over in the middle of the night.

Princess Patricia Info
Princess Patricia Information

I must have been up late last night since after breakfast I went back to bed until noon. I’m liking the food! For breakfast I had pancakes, sausage and corn flakes; for lunch pork (chops?), french fries and apple cheesecake. Today we have to fill out our “name bingo” cards while collecting the names of other passengers.

Menus I saved and the passenger list. The passenger list also had the ship info (above) and the ship’s officers and how to understand the insignia’s on the uniforms.

A breakfast menu (with a little breakfast on the menu!).

You can see the lunch menu is labeled “Day 4 L” in the lower right corner, so that must be the standard fare for the fourth day.

I appear to have not taken any photos this day. That seems weird. I’ve still never found the photos from the 110 camera that was mentioned in my journal earlier (in Calgary or Edmunton). I do have a few photos of black and white (the rest of the trip was color slides), but they’re of Alaska so that’s not it. But it’s a half a roll, it’s like I shot half and took it out of the camera to put color in (which I’ve done before).

From my journal:

5:35 PM – In the solarium right now, the view is great, it’s on the top floor of the ship and you can see all around. The view is great, the clouds above the trees on the mountains can’t be more then 400 or 500 feet above water levels. It’s real neat. [How did I not take any photos?!?]

7 PM – Just finished going to the captain’s cocktail hour. Drank a couple of ginger ale’s. A few of the guys got a little drunk for the champagne. [Not sure if they snuck it or it was offered since we were at sea?]

The movie for the night was “The Champ” which I said was just as good as the first time I saw it.

Room key
The coolest key of the whole trip!

We must have been a little loud because at midnight I wrote that Mr. Kuhn kept coming in the room (“a million times”) to tell us to go to sleep so we could get up in the morning.

If you’re reading this post out of context, this is me re-journaling a trip to Alaska from when I was a kid. You might want to click the “trip to Alaska” link and go to the bottom and read them in order. I’m posting each entry on the same day that it happened years ago.

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2 Responses to “All around and about the Princess Patricia”

  1. Margaret Spatz says on: 2 December 2013 at 10:49 pm

    I think I may have been on this ship with you. Could I ask a huge favor? Could you check the passenger list for the surname McWood? Thanks for posting, it brings back happy memories!

  2. Gary says on: 14 December 2013 at 9:31 pm

    You’re welcome. It was a great trip.

    Sorry Peggy, I don’t see a McWood on the passenger list (I saw your post earlier, but I just found the box with all my Alaska stuff in it).

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