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If I could, I’d… – 3x Thursday

Written By: Gary on September 9, 2004 No Comment
1. If you won the lottery, and could win as much as you wanted, how much would you take? What would you do with it?
A hundred million would probably be enough. Take care of family and friends. Some of the schools I’ve worked at (toss a couple of mill’ where I always would have put some tech dollars. The shelters and the crisis hotline where I’ve worked. I don’t know if I’d want to do some outreach here or in another country. Probably set up some institute to further technology use/adoption, if it was in another county (Costa Rica?) I’d probably need 200 million they have a lot less infrastructure. A very low number of students have technology and even less have Internet (and those are mostly around San Jose). I was just reading something on this today so it sticks extra in my mind. Oh! And I’d blow 20 million on a trip into outer space! Is Russia still selling rides?

2. If you could have any car/truck/environmental killing machine that you wanted, what would it be?
Actually I’d like an environmentally sound convertible (that I don’t have to refill every hundred miles).
3. If you could, would you want to be a professional student? Why/why not? If so, what would you study?
Definitely! Everything! Art, astronomy, a language or two, cutting edge technologies, did I say everything?
Bonus Question for Comments: Does it take a lot of money and goods to make you happy? How much/little? Why/Why not
Yes and no. I can live pretty simple, but I do like my techie toys (and my convertible). I could have cardboard furniture and a rusty car as long as I have my cool powerbook, iMac and home theater (and mp3 jukebox in the car).

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