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I unplug my laptop by accident sometimes (but not any more)

Written By: Gary on March 27, 2006 No Comment

So my pet peeve with my PowerBook has been accidentally unplugging it when charging and then it’s not charged when I need to take it somewhere. Very annoying. The really annoying part is that I think Apple had a feature to avoid this built in in OS 9 (or 8) but it’s been gone for ages.

I know I’ve looked for an application or utility to do this before, I don’t know how I missed it. But now I found one and it’s called Unplugged! What UnPlugged does is alert you when you unplug the power adapter (and when you plug it back in). And it’s freeware (donations accepted)! It’s probably going to annoy me with the alerts but at least I’ll never be annoyed that I don’t have power! (It supports Growl too).

What’s annoying about these little programs (and about widgets too) is how much memory they use. It’s only 5MB of real memory but it’s 150MB of virtual memory. What’s it doing out there? With this one there isn’t even a user interface to adjust anything. It’s not this program, it’s all programs (they’re like windows bloat-ware these days).

What’s odd is this one mentions that it “doesn’t use as much RAM and CPU usage as the other tools available”.

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