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I Love “Joan of Arcadia” (and you should too!)

Written By: Gary on December 12, 2003 No Comment

Can I tell you how much I like Joan of Arcadia? I like it enough that it got me to finally set up a blog. Joan is a normal girl who meets God one one day and God tells her what to do. Not unlike the voices in people’s heads she generally doesn’t tell people why she is doing these things.

God tells (suggests) her to ask ask the school trouble-maker to the “Crystal Ball”, the semi-formal, and (of course) does not tell her why. This really comes down to preconceptions (the series deals A LOT with them) about people. She defends him and listens to him and and even ties his tie for him. She was nice to him. In the end she saves the world or at least the world of a few people, just by being nice. It’s not so hard being nice and it’s a lot more fun than the other. And of course she gets grounded for it.

She gets these incredible tasks and she does them because it’s God. But I’m not sure if it’s faith or knowing that it’s all going to turn out okay (or is that faith?). Sometimes she’s done bad things to make things be good in the long run, but no one understands why it’s the ‘knowing’ that makes her stick to it, but I’m not sure if this ties into the faith since she ‘knows’. Is it a sign from god if you don’t have to interpret the signs?

I’m sure I’ll talk more about the show later, but for now, it’s where you should be on Friday nights (at 8 pm Eastern), unless of course you have TiVo.

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