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I hate TiVo!!!

Written By: Gary on April 30, 2005 One Comment

It’s so seamless to watch new or old shows when I’m watching something and see advertisements or ads for the 11 o’clock news what use the words “tonight” or “this Friday” I have no idea when they are talking about!?! (You do realize I do love TiVo, right?)

I have the same problem with Podcasts. They’ll say tomorrow or yesterday, but you don’t know how old/new the show is. For example Adam Curry was talking about download problems with “yesterday’s podcast” but I didn’t know if I had downloaded it since I didn’t know when yesterday was; this isn’t the best example since he is pretty good at dating the files (but sometimes he records late at night and the date isn’t always what you’d expect). BTW, it did turn out I hadn’t listened to that one.

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One Response to “I hate TiVo!!!”

  1. latina says on: 14 April 2011 at 6:08 pm

    I hate TiVo!!!

    They have tricked me into a contract and billed me twice on time in error and caused an nsf fee from my bank.

    I never knew i was in a contract because i got the box 2nd hand from someone else. There was nothing owed or anything.

    All i wanted to do was try out the service. I activated the box on monthly payments of 13.86. Pretty cheap so nothing concerned me.

    Well i had some problems figuring things out and never got around to using the box for a few months. My current visa card had also expired so a few more months went by and i got a collection notice from them for over 100!

    I called them and they said they charged me for the rest of the 1 yr contract as an early termination. These people are thieves. They finaly agreed to put me back on installments if i paid the previous few months and the next month.

    I reluctantly agreed but they charged me the termination fee anyway and charged it twice. My account was overdrawn and on top of that they said they were adding those few months onto the end of my contract basically extending it.

    I hate TiVo! I finally cancelled my service today. I hope everyone ditches them and they go bankrupt!

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