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I hate shoe shopping…

Written By: Gary on March 17, 2006 One Comment

SuttonbrownI’m definitely lacking nice brown shoes and I own several pairs of these shoes (see image) in black but needed to order the ones in the color brown. I knew I’d like them (this has been my standard black shoe for years) and I’ve been meaning to do this for ages so I added it to my 101 in 1001 list. So the guy at the Hush Puppies store said he could order them for me cheaper than I could buy on-line (which was true). I just wasn’t sure exactly what my size was so I wanted to check my black ones at home.

So I found the size and called them back and when they got on-line to order them it turns out they didn’t have the brown ones any more. So I checked all the on-line stores and the few places that did have them didn’t have my size (and they were all more expensive than he could have got them for me)…

Then I found Boscov’s!!!! They have the Sutton Hush Puppies in Brown and they were half off. So I ordered two pair! And I loved them. (Of course I did, they’re the same as the black ones!)

Did I tell you I hate shoe shopping? And that they don’t make these any more? And they were brown? And they were exactly what I wanted? Guess what? I ordered 4 more! I won’t have to deal again with this for a long time…

Is Boscov’s a real store? Has anyone shopped at one? Was it a catalog place before they were on-line?

(FYI: This is one of my 101 in 1001 days items, and this post is pretty much the same post as I put over there…)

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One Response to “I hate shoe shopping…”

  1. Rebecca says on: 8 January 2008 at 4:23 pm

    Although this post is quite old… I wanted to answer your question regarding Boscov’s and its existence as a real store.

    Boscov’s is a very real department store with 50 stores in the Mid-Atlantic states. Actually, we are the largest family owned and operated department store in the nation. We work very hard to offer customers unbeatable deals, customer service and a merchandise assortment like no other. We have all of your traditional departments as well as a candy department, major appliances, toys and furniture in the majority of our stores. We also offer free gift wrap and exceptional customer service and repair services on our electronics and appliances.

    Check out our website at http://www.boscovs.com to see a listing of all of our store locations and special events. If you don’t live near a store, our online retail location is wonderful! Whether in a store or online, I’m sure you will find your shopping experience a positive one.

    Thanks, happy shopping!

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