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How is your brain wired…?

Written By: Gary on November 3, 2005 2 Comments

WirebraidSo my buddy is in the hospital for the week (or maybe two). He’s under observation for some concerns revolving around his brain misfiring. I’m not going to get into the specifics of the “brain issues” but it involves some memory lapses (so if I ever murder anyone, I’m going to pin the whole thing on him). The thing is he’s wired up (see photo) 24/7 on a 20-30 foot connection and under video surveillance. And to top it off, he has no internet access :(

So he’s probably bored out of his skull, they’ve weaned him off his medication, have sleep deprived him and he hasn’t had any problems. No problems mean nothing to measure, which means nothing to solve. And to top it off the other five people under observation have all had occurrences of whatever problems they are “in” for…

He’s got a DVD/VCR but the remote is missing and without the remote you can’t pause it or skip/fast-forward. So this means he’s got to watch a show straight through or if a Doctor or Nurse comes in he has to ignore it and start it over later (ignoring the parts he’s already seen).

No complaints about the food but everyone brings him food/snacks/cookies/pie/etc…

I’d be going crazy but he seems to be doing okay so far. It’s another sleep deprived night for him :(

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2 Responses to “How is your brain wired…?”

  1. Omni says on: 4 November 2005 at 10:59 pm

    That poor man!! I hope they figure out what’s wrong so he can go home!!

  2. Gary Said... says on: 7 November 2005 at 12:48 pm

    So the brain finally misfired…

    So it finally happened, after being there for days (and days) my buddy’s brain finally misfired. This is a good thing, the whole purpose of him being there is for this to happen and them to observer/record/monitor it so they can “fix him”. …

    The problem is it was the weekend so the could hook the “good” sensors up to him so they’re still lacking in data.

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