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Happy PI Day!

Written By: Gary on March 14, 2009 One Comment

It’s March 14th (3/14) and its 1:59 AM. So that makes it 3.1415926 right now. At 26 seconds and some change it will equal PI exactly…

3.141592653987 is all that I know in my head. It’s not accurate enough for space missions or time travel but it’s more than enough for every day use. I think I used to know it for a few more digits but that’s faded away with lots of more important stuff I’m sure.

I like this animated image since it illustrates P relatively well as being 3.14(etc) rolls of the wheel.


Images from the PI WIkiPedia page.

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One Response to “Happy PI Day!”

  1. *lynne* says on: 17 March 2009 at 3:27 pm

    I had noticed the “Happy pi Day” on one or two blogs but hadn’t stopped to look at the details… NOW I see… of course, this is the US-version of Pi Day then, because for most of the rest of the world “3/14” would mean the 3rd day of the 14th month :p
    Wanted to point to what the rest of the world could use as Pi Day, and hit a brick wall!
    – 3/14 wouldn’t exist, as I said above, and
    – 31/4 wouldn’t exist either, since April only has 30 days.

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