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Giant Cypress DX Men’s Bicycle

Written By: Gary on September 3, 2007 5 Comments

Cypress Dx SilverSo I’m eyeing the 2007 Cypress DX made by Giant. Anyone have any info on this bike and why I should (or should not) get it? It’s a decent price since the new models are out and I like it but I thought I’d check on some feedback from those of you out there. The new prices are higher (disc breaks) but took some features (adjustable suspension) away.

They color’s a neutral grey/silver so it shouldn’t bother me when I scratch it. I guess the one I had was a 19 inch frame, I’d have to check the receipt, I put a deposit for next week. But I’m still looking… I like the Front suspension and seatpost suspension, nice on the bumps, configurable too. If I want my old seat back that should work with it too, the handlebars are configurable too, up/down and back/forth. I think it has the light weight 6061 ALUXX (aluminum) alloy comfort frame.

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5 Responses to “Giant Cypress DX Men’s Bicycle”

  1. kapgar says on: 4 September 2007 at 7:04 am


  2. Mocha says on: 4 September 2007 at 10:22 pm

    Cool. It’s shiny. You said all those big words about it. It’s the right price.

    Go for it.

    I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, but I’m mostly saying that because I’m slightly jealous.

  3. Why says on: 5 September 2007 at 11:09 pm

    You didn’t mention price, but I’m seeing this bike on sale (new) for around $340. I like the DX too and it seems to be a real good value. I test rode an LX and thought highly of the “feel” – I expect that the DX should feel the same. I’ve compared some Fuji (Crosstown 1.0 -> 4.0) and Trek (7200/7500) models but I really liked the solid “feel” of the Giant Cypress. I’m a real newbie with current bike technology but I’m going to pull the trigger with the Cypress DX myself. Good luck.

  4. Gary LaPointe says on: 7 September 2007 at 10:08 pm

    That’s about the price I’m seeing it too, I think it was $339, but the guy said don’t be surprised if it’s another $30 off when I go to pick it up. Which will be tomorrow if it’s good weather!

    They new models just came in so these should go down. I think they offer 30 price protection (their store or anyone local) so if it’s not then, it should be soon :)

    I really liked the Trek 7300 from 2007, but it’s still $100 more and no one has one local to try it out again…

  5. Gary Said... says on: 9 September 2007 at 3:12 pm

    The End(?) of the Bicycle Story

    So I got my new bicycle! I got the Cypruss DX from Giant (2007 model) it’s got 24-speeds (about a dozen more than I need) and is silver and gray-ish (I think they call it silver/silver); it’s the one I mentioned the other day. I think these are the 200…

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