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Four For Friday – July 1, 2005

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Q1: If a credentialed security guard approached you after you made a purchase in a mall department store, and asked or demanded to see what was inside of your backpack, shoulder bag, or some other bag that was large enough to contain stolen items, what would you? Would you comply, no questions asked, or would you automatically say no because you know that you didn’t do anything wrong?
Not a chance. (Not unless she’s going to frisk me?) There’s no way I’d let them look, they’re wrong and I’m right! If they want to push it then I figure I’m getting a $10,000 gift card out of the deal (since they won’t find anything). Since my common stores are book stores, Target or Best Buy, it’ll be a lot of fun stuff… At some stores sometimes they do look at my bag (everyone’s bag) of what I just purchased and I’ve been tempted to just walk by, but I figure they’re really testing the cashier (and that I’m not in cahoots with them).

Q2: When you’re driving a car and you find yourself in a position where you have put the car in reverse and back up, which shoulder do you tend to look over as you’re backing up?
Generally my right but I could go either way. Conditions matter: am I backing down the road a bit or going down an alley?
Q3: Who was the last person you paid to do something for you and what did they do?
I paid them to take my order at Arbys and in return they give me a yummy Beef & Cheddar sandwhich. Oh, wait, they weren’t the last, I paid the doctor to give me an allergy shot so they stuck two needles in my arms…
Q4: How many chairs or seats do you have in your house, and how long have you had the oldest one?
8 table chairs. 2 outside directors chairs. 3 outside fold up chairs. A 3 person couch and a 2 person love seat. A chair at my desk and wield hanging chair I bought in Costa Rica (two years ago) but never hung from the ceiling.

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