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Feeling great while traveling.

Written By: Gary on April 16, 2008 One Comment

So I was feeling pretty great while I traveled this trip. The allergies weren’t too bad (even with all the extra dust and strange plants) and I slept great but never long enough (even the nights when I had my own room).

But the part I really noticed was:

  • I didn’t have any headaches. For the previous few weeks I’ve been eating Ibuprofin like they were M & M’s, I actually had to cut myself off since I was starting to bruise to easily (disturbs the platelets?). But I didn’t take a single one while I was on this trip (even after hiking and taking a little spill). The only time I considered it when banged my forehead last night.
  • My neck/back hasn’t bothered me much at all, even after sleeping on all sorts of strange beds, flying thousands of miles and carrying all sorts of luggage and other junk with me. And these cRaZy roads and all the bouncing around on them and I still feel pretty good.

    So what is it about home that causes these headaches and neck/back pain? Any thoughts?

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    One Response to “Feeling great while traveling.”

    1. Kris says on: 17 April 2008 at 3:21 pm

      Nurse Kris will attempt to help. Yes, anti inflammatories do interrupt coagulation at the platelett level. So, if you are on more than 800mg every 8hrs for more than 2weeks you need to see someone (MD preferable). The headaches, well, could be so many things. You say you have allergies. That’s usually the issue. Do you have mold in your home? Have you had your vents cleaned? How much carpet do you have? Do you have hepa filters in your vent system? How old is your mattress? Have you changed the vacuum cleaner bag often? There is a filter on that vacuum cleaner too. How close are you to an industrial park? Have you looked at all the chemicals that are in your life? Considered “going green”? A reputable health and wellbeing doctor would be helpful. Or you can go on Andrew Weil’s website. He’s a harvard grad MD who uses alternative medicine responsibly. He has many helpful articles. Mostly, exercise, adequate sleep, vitamins, good diet, reduction of toxins, reduction of alcohol, reduction of caffine, and drinking a ton of water will cure almost any immune system over taxed. And it sounds like yours may need a little tweaking. If you do this for 3 months, you will notice a BIG change. The thing is, most ppl won’t do this. The cure is not in a pill usually. It’s all about health and well being most of the time. You could at your age go get a physical to rule out any abnormalities (general blood and urine workup). So that’s nurse Kris’s thoughts. Hope it helps. As for back pain, stress kills. More vacations are necessary. Stress management and a great ab workout, stretch you legs out everyday (the hamstrings get tight and pull on the lower back). Glad to see you are back and safe. I’m off to Philly on Saturday for my little adventure. /me waves bye bye!!! Kris

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