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Fearless – Review

Written By: Gary on June 23, 2005 One Comment

So I finally watched the pilot episode (the only episode?) of Fearless with Rachel Leigh Cook as Gaia. I enjoyed it, a few good songs and some excellent stereo sound (I had the headphones on). A little corney here and there but it was good for a pilot. You can download it from here; it’s an AVI that played pretty good on my powerbook.

And I see there’s a new series with the same character. The first book is Kill Game (Fearless FBI). I’m going to check it out, I’m sure it’s a little less high school than the other series and that’ll make it more enjoyable…


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One Response to “Fearless – Review”

  1. Steph says on: 28 July 2005 at 6:30 am

    I’ve been reading the Fearless books for quite some time and I was happy to hear that there was a show, but which I found out soon after was cancelled.

    I’ve tried to download the episode from the link you’ve provided, however, the files I receive from the site are corrupted. Oh well…

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