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eBay faux pa

Written By: Gary on September 1, 2007 One Comment

Uh oh! I just bid a maximum of 50 dollars instead of 50 cents on an eBay item! I sure hope not many other people bid on this item. At first I freaked since I thought that was my bid, and then I remembered it’d bid up to that amount. There’s only a little bit of time left so cross your fingers for me!

LATER: Whew! No one bid higher than the 50 cents!!! It was just for a Beowulf (Neil Gaiman and Roger Avery) movie tie-in advance six page comic that I thought might be interesting. This guy was charging a little more for shipping ($4) than the others so no one even beat my 50 cent bid….

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One Response to “eBay faux pa”

  1. ajooja says on: 1 September 2007 at 9:15 pm

    I had my best friend make the first bid on an item I was selling on eBay instead of setting a starting point.

    After a few days, I started wishing I hadn’t done that because I would have been happy to sell to the No. bidder.

    I made my friend pull his bid and make up a story. :)

    Luckily, the bidding surpassed my friend’s number and I made a decent sale.

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