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Driving Habits – 3x Thursday

Written By: Gary on August 10, 2006 No Comment
1. Do you think you’re a good driver? Do you drive defensively or offensively? Why?
I’m a pretty good driver. I kinda just get into “driving mode” and move along. (My mom always gets nervous).
2. How fast do you normally drive? Do you always go the speed limit, or do you like to speed? Do you believe in the ‘flow of traffic’ method for speeding?
I probably go a little over, nothing significant.
3. What do you think of those people who drive while talking on the fone? Do you think it impairs their driving? Why/why not? Do you do it?
They’re generally idiots with a phone in one hand and a soda or smoke in the other. Get a headset!!!! It’s the holding onto their head that’s part of the impairment/problem. You see someone swerving weird or blocking an intersection or not turning and 90% of the time they’re holding a phone (generally they aren’t on a headset). If you don’t believe me just walk around the grocery store; the ones pushing a cart and holding the phone are a menace, the ones with a headset just seem schizophrenic since thy’re taking to themselves…
Bonus Question for Comments: What’s one thing that just drives you absolutely bonkers that people do when their driving (or how their driving)?
Not using their blinker!!!! It should be a $500 fine IMHO.

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