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Documenting the Internet News Information System 1992-2014

Written By: Gary on December 28, 2004 One Comment

So the title is boring, but the content isn’t. At least watch the movie, preferably listen to the audio and then watch the movie.

So I was listening (3:28) to Future Tense today and they talked about this 8 minute film (watch it). It’s kind of how how personalized information will be presented to you in the future and some of the problems with it. It might be helpful to listen to Jon before watching the movie. It’s interesting.

This is extra interesting to me. I’ve been perfecting my personal daily “news” feed for my iPod. Everyday it automatically gathers a bunch of short shows for me to listen to; some are “real” radio shows and some are podcasts. It’s about 30 minutes of 10-12 shows that include (but not limited to): the news (NPR news, Future Tense and other tech), health, science (stardate astronomy, earth and sky, earthwatch), word of the day, and several fluff human interest stories (I’ll elaborate more on this in some futer posts). I do listen to more, but these are pretty much the for sure ones I listen to. It’s definitely limiting what I’m hearing, but at least it’s stuff I’m interested in. In the future I know these things will be smarter and I’ll get more variety with more choices but the searching just isn’t there yet so I’m manually having to make some generalizations.

I’d like some more variety but this is what I’ve found that I like so far. I’d love a few more “people” shows, maybe with some social/psychological-type info (but not a 30 minute show). I’d like my horoscope, I never read it but if it were to be read to me I’d listen. Letterman’s top ten would be fun too. And some local news would be great; not just the murders and fires but the things that are going on, what kids have done and other “stuff”. Any tips or suggestions?


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  1. Gary Said... says on: 27 July 2005 at 7:13 pm

    The history future of the Internet

    I’ve been thinking about this lately so I thought I’d bring it up again. This short film of the history of the Internet is kind of how personalized information will be presented to you in the future and some of the problems with it. I heard about this …

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