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Do you like toast?!?

Written By: Gary on April 12, 2006 3 Comments

Just had to try this since all the cool kids are doing embedded links like this to YouTube:
And yes it’s totally stupid, but still, I laughed pretty hard when I watched it…

Found at Nicole’s.

YeahtoastI promise any future links to YouTube will not be this huge ugly embedded display. It’ll be a little link like this or an embedded image like on the right…


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3 Responses to “Do you like toast?!?”

  1. Kurt V. says on: 13 April 2006 at 11:10 pm

    Holy possible Copyright Violation Batman!

    Unless the comedian Heywood Banks gave his blessings to freely distribute this version of HIS song, I think Nicole and her ACU friends “has some ‘splainin to do…”

    Although I absolutely DETEST the RIAA’s tactics I do believe in common sense enforcement of Intellectual Property rights. BEST solution is to just ASK Heywood for permission (maybe in exchange for CLEARLY visible credits at the beginning or end…)

    Heywood kind of fell off my own personal radar but Damn he can be FUNNY! Here’s a link I just found where you can buy a copy of his first cassette
    I think my copy that I bought about 15 years ago is either lost in a box in the attic or got loaned out and never returned… Soon as I get my tax refund I think I’ll have to pick up another copy…

    Heywood Banks, the Uber Geek of the stand up circuit…

  2. Kurt V. says on: 13 April 2006 at 11:36 pm

    Look to TMBG (They Might Be Giants) for MP3 Wisdom…

    Here’s a perfect example of a creative but SAVVY group offering a couple of freebie music download’s in exchange for getting your e-mail address so they can keep you in the loop.
    It’s been several YEARS and they have not betrayed my trust by doing anything annoying like selling my address to spammers. Check them out!

  3. Gary Said... says on: 14 April 2006 at 10:53 am

    More toast!

    So Wednesday I mentioned this this Toast video. I thought it was unique, but I guess everyone has something about it or different versions on-line: Cartoon of “Yeah Toast!” Buy the book Crazy girl toast Music video Toast Live The Lyrics Ano…

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