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CSS hell

Written By: Gary on November 14, 2004 3 Comments

So I’ve never been able to figure out this website design problem, and evey few months it starts to bother me. My blog is supposed to look like this but it looks like this. You can see it only goofs up where the date book (style dayday)

Generally it looks good except in IE (mac/win) and then the columns look funny. I can tweak it (add a position:relative tag to the white box [blogbody] with the border) and make the columns look more even, BUT then I lose 95% of the images in Windows IE (it doesn’t seem to be consistent to if they have link tags or not). And whenever I start I’m always having to start messing with the z-indexes which never seem to help….

If you’re not sure, this is a plea for help!!!

I got motivated on this because SimpleBits refereed to this page which I thought might be relevant but it wasn’t (so far).

So maybe this just should be IE hell for the title…


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3 Responses to “CSS hell”

  1. Jennifer says on: 15 November 2004 at 1:54 am

    I can feel your pain. I, myself, have been going through some coding hell and am surprised I’ve managed to remain sane.

    One thing that I found was a problem in my coding is that I wasn’t clearing my floated elements properly. These links helped me immensely:


    I hope that helps even a little. Good luck.

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