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Comments are fixed!!!

Written By: Gary on July 13, 2005 3 Comments

I didn’t even know they were broken. Although I was a little disappointed on the lack of comments recently I just thought it was slow (or I’ve been extra boring).

Tonight, I realized it’s been 3 days with out any comments (and I’ve posted more than usual). So I started poking around. I was changing something on the layout 3 days ago and while it seemed fine when I was done, I guess I broke something. And it broke it for all the posts so you couldn’t even post on the older posts.

So if you’ve commented on something recently, it’s been lost. Sorry. PLEASE feel free to post (or repost) any any post again…

Comments are like caffine, they get a blogger energized. And while I’ve been posting a bit lately, I’ve been missing the buzz…

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3 Responses to “Comments are fixed!!!”

  1. kazza says on: 14 July 2005 at 5:33 am

    well if you insist… ;)

  2. Dave Goodman says on: 14 July 2005 at 11:00 am

    Comment form seems to be broken again. The POST button is really big! ;)

    Actually, all looks good.

  3. JtH says on: 14 July 2005 at 10:16 pm

    Testing testing

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