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  • activities + sports

    Any kinds of sports, leisure activities, championships or famous people.

  • App Store

    Applications and software for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

  • Apple

    Things related to Apple (computers, iPods, iTunes, OS X, Macintosh, etc.) hardware and software made or influenced by apple.

  • Apple iOS

    Information about the wondrous Apple iPhone and iPod Touch ( fondly referred to as the iTouch ).

  • blogging

    About blogging: either from a technical aspect or dicussing it or sometimes specific software (generally WordPress or Movable Type).

  • books

    Books I am reading or that I am recommending or …
    This may include magazines or other written material.

  • computers

    Anything related to computers, computing, PDAs, software, etc.

  • Costa Rica

    Information on my trips to Costa Rica, I think I’ve been there twenty(?) times now. I really enjoy it there, don’t be surprised if one of these trips I don’t come back….

    If anyone has any information on a job down there, I’m interested!

  • Costa Rica 2007

    Info from my November-December 2007 trip to Costa Rica. Visiting Jaco and Montezuma (and explore the peninsula that Moctezuma is on).

  • Costa Rica 2008

    Information on my multiple trips to Costa Rica. Specifically about exploring the Nicoya Peninsula and finding places I might like to live.

  • customer service

    Generally this will probably be a complaint, but sometimes it’ll be a complement..

  • Dearborn

    This is about Dearborn, Michigan. It’s where I currently live so I often mention local places. I may mention places really close by but aren’t actually in Dearborn, MI but relevant to my living in Dearborn.

  • Egypt 2006

    Information about my trip to Egypt. I’m keeping a separate site but with some extra Egypt stuff/widgets. It’s at http://MyTripToEgypt.com/

  • food + drink

    Eating, drinking, grocery shopping… Who knows what might be related to food and drink?

  • friends + family

    Stuff about friends and family. This might be stuff that happened, things I did with them or …

  • from my feed reader

    Just mini-reviews of sites that I read. Who knows, you might like them too…

  • funny

    I couldn’t decide if I should call this category “humor” or “funny”, but I found a few things that were funny but I felt funny labeling them as humor so I went with funny.

  • games

    Board games, computer games, etc. I was blogging about games enough that I felt it needed a category.

  • general

    Just regular kinds of stuff that happened (that doesn’t fit in other categories).

  • handheld

    Stuff dealing with handheld devicess (mostly Palm OS, but not always). Some will be about my devices or devices I want (need) or just some cool new innovations or software, etc…

  • health

    Not really sure what this sub-category is going to list. It’s got a bit of everything (health, sickness, death, sleeping, medicine, inventions) and some memes and even a joke or two.

  • holidays + events

    Relating to holidays, events, vacations, short trips or maybe just big get-togethers.

  • kids

    What goofy things kids might have done today or whose kids / babies I got to play with, talk to, etc…

  • London 2008

    It’s my Mom’s 60th birthday and this present is bigger and than any present I’ve given her in the last 60 years!

  • me + myself + i

    Stuff about me, myself and I. If this isn’t enough you can find out more ’stuff’ in the meme category! If it’s in the me category, I generally do not put it in the meme category (except for when I do).

  • meme

    This is where I place results to all those memes/quizzes. You know like the ones from TheDailyMeme.com

  • Michigan

    Information relating to Michigan, the Detroit (Dearborn) area or wherever I might be in the state.

  • money

    Information on saving money or really cheap (or free) deals.

  • Movable Type

    Information directly related to Movable Type (by Six Apart). This is the blogging software that I used to use, so lots of tips/tricks and info.

  • movies

    Movies that I want to see, have seen or should not have seen!

  • music

    Info about songs and musicians that I like. This may include other audio related information (iPods, books on tape, radio shows, interviews, etc.).

  • news

    In general, I don’t talk about the news but the few times that I do, I tend to not have an appropriate category to list things under. This will cover world, and local news that I may bring up from time to time.

  • people

    Entries of a more human nature. Just info about people and the things they do.

  • photos

    Photos and images that I’ve posted on-line. Generally not vacation photos that fit into a specific category (like Costa Rica) but who knows…

  • podcasting

    Information about the listening (or creation) of on-line syndicated audio/radio shows that can be synchronized with your iPod or other listening devices.

  • portable

    PDAs, cell phones, laptops(?) and other portable items.

  • quotes

    Quotes, Sayings, Fortune Cookies and other things I’ve heard, read or feel like repeating.

  • reviews

    Reviews / feedback / comments on books, movies, television, technology, food, etc. (These might be short snippets and not long reviews)

  • Roswell

    Items about Roswell, New Mexico (and things that might have landed there). This category was created when I was planning a trip to there (that never happened).

  • science

    Stuff about science, science related, etc. (In hindsight, most of it seems to be more related to space and astronomy)

  • technology

    Info about new or older technology. Generally fun geeky stuff (or maybe the not so fun).

  • television

    TV shows (or maybe TVs) that I like or did not like.

  • The Costa Rica Plan

    Steps I have taken to (possibly) relocate to Costa Rica.

  • travel

    Information about travel and tips. Every post about a trip will NOT be in this category.

  • videos

    Videos that I’ve shot and posted on-line. Probably/generally not vacation photos that fit into a specific category, but just stuff that I’ve shot here and there.

  • web sites

    Information about or recommendations for web sites.

  • WiFi

    Wireless internent access information. Free access, hardware, software and anything else I can think of.

  • WordPress

    Posts about WordPress: migrating, features, likes/dislikes.

FYI, they are actually organized like the below (above the sub-categories are indented, they just aren’t under the parent). I’ll try and get them fixed.

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