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BurnIt Summer 2004

Written By: Gary on August 13, 2004 No Comment

I sent out my Burn It CDs late (but it was more than a few days ago, so if you didn’t get yours it’ll be there any minute) the theme was songs from movies. I was in two BurnIt groups (so I had six people sending CDs to me (actually I only had packages from five of them) and I had to send to the six of them and the coordinator.

I was nervous at first Alfie sent hers’ out way early and the packaging was beautiful. Great cover, printed CD, artwork for the back and inside (behind the CD). Even her printing on the envelope was great. Very professional and I don’t think it’s related to her major. She set the bar very high, the rest had some nice ones and some plain ones so I was feeling better for mine. Mine might have been in 2nd place for looks but I was still left in her dust.

I do have one complaint about iTunes, until you burn you don’t know how long your disc is, I mean who measures time by saying 1.1 hours?!?

Some were songs I liked, some were artists and some were movies I liked that I wanted a song from. It was hard since some of the movies just have a great sound track (Some Kind of Wonderful, The Lost Boys, Pretty in Pink, Boys on the Side, Bill and Ted’s, City of Angels, etc.) Here’s the track listing if you’re curious.

1 Oh Yeah Yello Ferris Buehler’s Day Off
2 Extraordinary Liz Phair Raising Helen
3 Kids in America Kim Wilde Clueless
4 Uninvited Alanis Morissette City Of Angels
5 Turn To The Sky March Violets Some Kind Of Wonderful
6 Do Wot You Do INXS Pretty In Pink
7 Do Anything Pete Shelley Some Kind Of Wonderful
8 I Can’t Break Away Big Pig Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
9 Shell-Shock New Order Pretty In Pink
10 Iris Goo Goo Dolls City Of Angels
11 Good Times INXS & Jimmy Barnes The Lost Boys
12 I Still Believe Tim Cappello The Lost Boys
13 Summer Kisses, Winter Tears Julee Cruise Until The End Of The World
14 Turn To The Sky March Violets Some Kind Of Wonderful
15 Losing My Religion Tori Amos Higher Learning
16 Why Can’t I? Liz Phair 13 Going on 30
17 Old Time Rock And Roll Bob Seger Risky Business

1 In Your Eyes Peter Gabriel Say Anything
2 Angel Sarah McLachlan City Of Angels
3 Thank You Dido Sliding Doors
4 Kathy’s Song Eva Cassidy Maid in Manhattan
5 I Go Crazy Flesh For Lulu Some Kind Of Wonderful
6 Can’t Help Falling In Love Lick The Tins Some Kind Of Wonderful
7 Butterfly Tori Amos Higher Learning
8 Ice Cream Sarah McLachlan Anywhere But Here
9 In Time Robbie Robb Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
10 Feelin’ Love Paula Cole City Of Angels
11 Beauty Has Her Way Mummy Calls The Lost Boys
12 I Take You With Me Melissa Etheridge Boys On The Side
13 Wouldn’t It Be Good Danny Hutton Hitters Pretty In Pink
14 Ol’ 55 Sarah McLachlan Boys On The Side
15 Please Please Please
(Let Me Get What I Want)
The Smiths Pretty In Pink
16 I Get Around The Beach Boys Flight of the Navigator
17 Back In Time Huey Lewis & The News Back To The Future

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