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bubble, bubble, toil and trouble! – saturday8

Written By: Gary on June 20, 2004 No Comment
1. when was the last time you cooked for friends?
Probably Easter, I had the whole family over, probably about 15 of us?
2. what did you cook?
Ham, but all I really had to do is reheat it.
3. what is the dish/meal/course that you prepare exceptionally well, and what makes it SO good?
People generally like my spaghetti (meat sauce, bread sticks, etc.). Nothing super about it but it’s just that there is generally nothing wrong with it. I make waffles for a good breakfast but that’s always hard to coordinate.
4. the girl who cooked for my sorta-bf brought her sister-in-law over to help her cook. they both wound up burning themselves all over the kitchen. when was the last time you gave yourself a good burn in the kitchen? do you recall what you were preparing?
Probably trying to pull something out of the over I was reheating on a piece of foil instead of on a pan.
5. the s-i-l wound up putting cheddar cheese on a chicken, and calling it the main course. since my sorta-bf and his friends are israeli, they didn’t understand the concept of ruining a bone-in chicken with cheddar. what was the last meal you ate that really confused you – maybe you thought you were ordering one thing, but got something completely different, or a friend/lover cooked something you’d never seen before?
I don’t really cook with recipies, but I just eat the basics so if it’s got more than a few ingredients and someone else cooked it I’m sure I looked at it funny.
6. how old were you when you first began to cook?
Little, I grew up with a single mom so I’m sure I was still in elementary school. Maybe 9?
7. what are your thoughts on cooking? love it? hate it? take it or leave it?
I’m fine with it, it’s cooked exactly the way I like it when I do it!
8. if your SO suddenly developed 5* chef-quality cooking abilities and he/she was to cook you an amazing romantic meal him/herself, what would you love to have them prepare for you?
Something they thought I would like.

From saturday8.

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