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Blogging Pros and Cons

Written By: Gary on December 18, 2004 One Comment

So it’s been a year (and FYI this is my 500th post!) and I’ll ramble a bit about blogging itself. This is a great and easy medium to get thoughts and information and stuff on-line and out to people. I really enjoy it, if you haven’t done it you need to try it it’s really easy. Typepad offers free trials and Blogger offers free blogging in a really easy way.


  • It’s so easy to do!
  • Talking and thinking about other things (semi)coherently makes me think about them and about life.
  • Finding out that other people actually read this :)
  • Finding that others link to this blog :)
  • It’s very interesting that people that I have no idea what we might have in common read/link here.
  • Comments!!! It’s really interesting to see what some people comment on and what they don’t…


  • CSS – What actually makes the page appear the way it works. It’s not 100% consistent from web browser to web browser.
  • IE – Nothing ever looks consistent in Internet Explorer (on either platform) as it does in other browsers.
  • Feeling the need to post because the blog is getting stale (and readers might not come back). I’m only a little concerned when it gets old, I bring it up since so many other bloggers seems to get stressed about it or even quit because of it.
  • Comment spam! Which (thankfully) I don’t get too much of.

    I was really hoping to do something a little more meaningful for my 500th post but I haven’t gotten around to it and I haven’t posted other things since I wanted to do the “meaningful thing” so this is all you get for now (and I can do some more normal posts now). I’ll try to offer some more meaning as the calendar year comes to a close.

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    One Response to “Blogging Pros and Cons”

    1. heather says on: 22 December 2004 at 8:31 pm

      well, sometimes i read it… :)

      and no wonder you say things about me not posting when your average is more than once a day… ;)

      but i do find the comment/no comment thing interesting… sometimes i really want comments, and no one says anything… hmmm…

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