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Written By: Gary on November 19, 2005 One Comment

So I’m about 40 posts away from 1,000 posts and I’m also about 24 days away from two years of blogging. No real reason that they should meet but it’ll be pretty close. I’m better off if they don’t meet then I can post twice about the different-versaries. But I should probably reflect a little at both of those times and then it’ll be the new year and time to reflect a little again.

I really haven’t accomplished much in the past year, so I’m feeling a little guilty about that, especially as I’ve been hearing so much lately about “how do you measure, measure a year..?


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One Response to “Blog-a-versaries”

  1. Janine says on: 20 November 2005 at 5:26 am

    Everytime I hear that song, I can’t help but think that it sounds like a song for a cell phone company. :)
    Wow…40 posts away and you’ll hit 1000 posts & close to two years!! I started (yet another) blog a few months ago and only have approximately 5 posts :) At the rate I’m going, it will probably take 10 years for me to catch up to you :)

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