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Auction Loot!

Written By: Gary on March 26, 2006 No Comment

So the results of the School auction are in!!! Actually all thats in is my results. I’ve got lots of items I bid on and many I lost, I won way too much chocolate and lots way to many margarita baskets… And me in the cat suit weere also bid on (see below). So my loot consisted of:

  • A small fancy chocolate basket that I bid high on
  • A much larger chocolate basket I paid not so much for (something I was kinda disappointed with that I got after getting the first, although mom loves chocolate).
  • A hiking basket backpack with compase and trail snacks and a cool water bottle holder that I thought would be great for my trip to Egypt. I won’t bring the backpack but the trail snacks and compas and water bottle will make the trek.
  • A basket full of board games that I haven’t even checked out yet. But I know it’s got one in there that someone wants for their birthday.

  • A bizarro basket with shampoo and conditioner and a free haircut from Mastercuts plus a gift-card for Borders. The bonus was that the giftware was worth more than I paid for it and it still had the shampoo and haircut too! Gift certificates for Borders and B&N always work well for me.
  • Plus some other gift certificate (or two) from the section they haven’t tallied yet when I left. But I know I got at least one one. (I’ll owe someone some money in the morning)

    I’m assuming the Grand Raffle Prize$ weren’t for me or I’d had someone tell me by now…

    And the Cat in the Hat and his package of CitH stuff went for a mere $60. I’ll have to go to a birthday party for a few hours and read and speak in seuss-isms and have my photo take with the kids.

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