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Ark Angel

Written By: Gary on April 15, 2006 One Comment

My day actually just got better! Here’s why…

So, I never finished the followup to my previous Alex Rider post, it was to lay the ground work for this post. There are spoilers here so if you’ve just recently started reading these novels you’ll want to not read this. As you know from my last post, they killed the hero of the series and it totally blew my mind.

What shocked me a few weeks ago is that I saw there was a sequel coming out, which really can’t happen since he’s dead. I went and re-read the last few pages of Scorpia and he was dead as a character could be. So the name of the new book is Ark Angel so even with the title they acknowledge his deadness. This book isn’t supposed to come out for a few more weeks. But I saw it on the shelf at Target tonight!!! I bought the hardcover (I never buy hardcovers), I know it’s just a kids book but so is Harry Potter…

In addition to the new book they’re releasing a new “gadgets” book called (appropriately) Alex Rider: The Gadgets, I forgot all about it since I got so excited about the other book…

So I’m also assuming this is a bit of marketing for the new Stormbreaker movie that is supposed to be out this summer. The movie stars Alex Pettyfer (as Alex), Ewan McGregor, Mickey Rourke and Alicia Silverstone. Stormbreaker was the first Alex Rider novel so I’m glad they started at the start.

In the books, he’s the reluctant hero, I hope that’s still the case, they don’t portray him that way in the preview. Looks like a July 21 release date in the UK, not sure about here. Oh and since I know I mentioned a few times that he died (right?) I thought it was worth pointing out that the have all over the preview site “Stormbreaker” with the tag line “You’re never too young to die”, that’s just a weird thing to say, isn’t it?


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One Response to “Ark Angel”

  1. Danielle says on: 5 July 2006 at 2:12 am

    i’ve read ark angel and it was really really good but because Alex supposedly saw his parents at the end in Scorpia, it kinda annoyed me coz there was no mention of them again in Ark Angel. Alex didn’t even acknowledge the fact that he saw them.

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