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Apple Movie Rentals Extended

Written By: Gary on February 3, 2008 One Comment

This is great, it looks like Apple has semi-extended movie rental time limits. I say “semi” because once the 24 hour time limit passes you cannot go back to the beginning of the rental, but you can resume where you left off.

This makes me very happy because I’ve thought the 24 hour was just too short. My thought from a few weeks ago was “Maybe they can do something to cripple it, maybe after 24 hours any viewed portion is not viewable any more”. It seems (at least on an iPod) that you can’t leave and do something else and still have it resume when you come back (“delete” or “resume” are your choices) your iPod is “stuck” on that screen. Maybe they’ll do it a little different on AppleTV or iTunes…?

I think the new AppleTV software was supposed to roll out last week so it should be appearing soon.

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One Response to “Apple Movie Rentals Extended”

  1. David says on: 5 February 2008 at 2:14 pm

    Im glad there doing this because sometimes it takes me longer than 24hrs to watch or even get to a movie. How much do they go for ?

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