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Happy Birthday Bar code!

Written By: Gary on October 7, 2009 2 Comments

It’s the 57th anniversary of the barcode. I only know this because Google changed their logo today. So then I checked out the barcode entry on Wikipedia.


Actually, this is just the anniversary of the original patent. When most people think of the barcode, they’re thinking of the UPC (Universal Product Code) on food and other purchased goods. Which started being used in the mid-1970s (1974 was when the first store scanned an item for purchase).

Free Barcode Generator - Barcoding Inc.I’ve always thought bar codes were kind of cool: cheap, simple, easy to use and duplicate. We use them on food, shipping packages, mail, ID cards of all types and all sorts of places. We print them on the back of Michigan Driver’s Licenses, but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen them used.

FYI, I used the Free Barcode Generator to generate my above barcode.

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2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Bar code!”

  1. *lynne* says on: 7 October 2009 at 7:46 am

    Perhaps a year or two ago I was rather taken aback to be asked to remove my IL DL/ID from its place in my wallet when buying booze at a grocery store: the cashier then proceeded to scan the barcode as proof (of having checked that) I was of legit booze-buying age. … not that I’m buying booze all the time, but that was the one and only time I’ve had it happen. It was rather cool to see, tho :)

  2. Gary from http://GarySaid.com/ says on: 7 October 2009 at 12:00 pm

    Interesting. Never seen that before…

    I’ve scanned it before to see what it contained (name/birthdate or license/birthdate, I think) and while really long, it’s not tall, maybe 1/2 a centimeter….

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