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Am I ever tired…

Written By: Gary on January 8, 2005 One Comment

Lots of walking today at the CES. Saw lots of new electronic “stuff”. Here’s my complaint: I haven’t seen anything “new”. Of course how can that be true there were 500,000 “new” items. Everything was the next generation of things I’ve seen or had. I’m not saying I won’t buy any of the products, just nothing knocked my socks off. Everything was a little bit smaller, a bit brighter, a bit faster, a few more (mega)pixels, longer battery life and a few more devices integrated into one.

Lots of iPod accessories. Lots of HD stuff. Blu-ray DVD (50 GB of storage). Rio Zen is really trying to take the MP3 market.

Sony may have had the best setup. They made you sit through a short show before getting into their area, nice sound and nice images especially for and info-mercial. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that they probably had the best booth I saw today. A beautiful projector for $3,500. HD movies with Blu-ray. Some nice cellphones that play video and have digital cameras. Some beautiful computer displays.

I’ll have to check out “the best of” area, I think I had to cut outside to do that and it was too rainy and too cold!

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One Response to “Am I ever tired…”

  1. Marissa says on: 1 March 2005 at 1:55 pm

    Probably the most frustrating thing of all of those shows is seeing all of the cool phones that we’ll never be able to buy here in the US … sigh…

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