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Air and Land Safety

Written By: Gary on December 26, 2004 One Comment

So it’s been a while since I watched Joan (and this week’s was a rerun) but at some point in the show (burnout) God says, “It’s like everyone has something better to do. Until they’re on a plane, and then they’re all over me”. I’m not going to worry about the context I’m just wondering why people feel that way. What makes people so fearful to fly? Everyone knows it’s way safer to fly than drive (I have no statistics on this, I’m just assuming you know it’s a fact) so why freak out about a plane crash. Most people haven’t had a ‘close call’ on a plane, while many may have had one in a car. Many people are on their way to have some fun somewhere, so they shouldn’t be worrying about anything (except maybe that they left the iron on at home). Once you get up there, it’s beautiful to look down day or night (IMHO). They don’t worry when they get in the car and they’re the ones in control (now that’s something to be scared of). Most people can’t even signal properly, it’s amazing they don’t have more dents in the car already. Although one thing is with the car is that you can have minor injuries, it’s not often you hear of a minor plane accident. Okay, I’m going to end this now since it’s starting to sound a little morbid… I just wanted to know


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One Response to “Air and Land Safety”

  1. phoebe says on: 23 April 2005 at 5:42 pm

    Friend – it’s not the flying that is fearful -it’s the crashing:)

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