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Aimee Mann (my audio comments on the ride home)

Written By: Gary on February 22, 2006 One Comment

Here is an audio file of me talking on the way home from the Aimee Mann concert (it’s got a slight disclaimer on the quality at the start). It’s not polished nor is it what I plan to have as a podcast once I get there. It’s me talking over Aimee playing on the car stereo, I’m recoding it on my digital camera.

So I’m testing audio enclosures with MovableType and MT-Enclosures. I’m just playing with it (it’s only supposed to be in the RSS 2.0 feed as of now, does anyone else use MT-Enclosures in other feeds?). The file is too big, but it should have good ID3 tags (names and info) including album art. Can anyone tell me if it’s working? (In your feed, with your podcast downloader or anything?)

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One Response to “Aimee Mann (my audio comments on the ride home)”

  1. Janine says on: 23 February 2006 at 5:12 pm

    I opened the (podcast) file with MusicMatch but, it might be because I don’t have MM Plus that I couldn’t see album art (?). The tag showed up as Aimee Mann Concert…Gary Said… by Gary Lapointe.
    Audio didn’t seem too bad. The only thing that shook me for a second is in the beginning intro to the cast, the sound was very soft and I had to turn the volume up quite a bit to hear it. Then, when the cast got underway, I nearly jumped out of my seat because it was way loud.
    It was a great podcast…I could tell how excited you were about the concert and your great seats. You didn’t mention, however, how you got front row. Just lucky?

    Also, I don’t know if you already are aware of this OR if you’re interested but there is a new online podcast magazine (free—pdf format)…here’s the link:


    Sorry in advance if this link is a repeat to something you were already aware of.

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