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Ages – Weekend Wonderings

Written By: Gary on May 14, 2004 No Comment
1. What do you think legal drinking age should be? Why?
Twenty-one is okay, I’d be fine with it lower if we could know that they wouldn’t drive. We just need to enforce it better and enforce over-drinking better. Maybe it they should have a drinking permit and it’s very easily revokable.
2. What do you think the minumum age for voting should be? Why?
Since they don’t vote, I’m not sure what it matters. If the schools taught government better it could be lowered to sixteen.
3. What minumum age do you think someome should be before they’re drafted to war? Why?
Somewhere in the eighteen to twenty-one range. Younger is nicer since they don’t have a family (i.e. kids or spouse). But I’m a bit older than that and I still don’t have one…
& an extra…
4. Do you think the draft should be implemented now for Iraq? Why?
No. But I’m not aware we need more people. Besides, we’d have to train them and I hope we’re out of there by then.

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