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Feeds for GarySaid.com (Atom and RSS)

Different “feeds” you can subscribe to for this site.

  • Main Full Feed – I can’t detect a difference between this, the Atom feed and the RDF feed so I only list this one. Please let me know if I need to distinguish a difference.
  • RSS Title Feeds – This is just the title and first 20+ words of the post. I’m not sure why you’d really want this (besides, my footer is longer than the post).
  • Twitter – Follow me on Twitter. I don’t tweet much, but I do occasionally, and all my blog posts are automatically tweet(ed) via TwitterFeed.
  • Handheld/PDA – If you are viewing this on a cell phone or PDA it should downscale to a mobile version thanks to this mobile/pda WordPress plugin. This link should force it on but then it’s kind of forced on for you until the next rebuild even if you say return to full site (due to cacheing, I think). Please let me know of any problems with this (other than if you forced it on).

I’m just recently a RSS feed reader person so if there is anything I can do to improve these feeds please let me know.

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