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April 2005

Written By: Gary on April 30, 2005 One Comment

Everyone seems to be talking about this weeks release of Tiger (Mac OS 10.4). Most people seem to have some complaints (generally about networking). Now I’m definitely an early adopter of “stuff” (hardware, software, services) but when it’s a major upgrade of the operating system, I tend to wait a little while. This seemed like it was to be a pretty big upgrade so I’m waiting until 10.4.1 or maybe even 10.4.2. I need reliability a lot more than I need a few new features.

The big thing I wanted it for was I thought it was supposed to be a little cleaner code and run a little faster, but I haven’t heard anything like that yet.

Went to the Apple Store at the Somerset Collection today, it was busy but they’ve got the same (new) goofy layout as the 12-Oaks store. They’ve got all the iPod accessories jammed in this tiny area and they moved all the audio/video (adapters, mixers, iMics, video recorders, etc.) all jammed behind the kids play area. It just doesn’t make any sense….

Written By: Gary on April 30, 2005 One Comment

Your birth on the 11th day of the month makes you something of a dreamer and an idealist. You work well with people because you know how to use persuasion rather than force. There is a strong spiritual side to your nature, and you may have intuitive qualities inherent in your make up, too.

You are very aware and sensitive, though often temperamental. Although you have a good mind and you are very analytical, you may not be comfortable in the business world. You are definitely creative and this influence tends to make you more of a dreamer than a doer.

A lot of this matches up pretty good. Give it a try! From BlogThings: What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

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Written By: Gary on April 30, 2005 One Comment

It’s so seamless to watch new or old shows when I’m watching something and see advertisements or ads for the 11 o’clock news what use the words “tonight” or “this Friday” I have no idea when they are talking about!?! (You do realize I do love TiVo, right?)

I have the same problem with Podcasts. They’ll say tomorrow or yesterday, but you don’t know how old/new the show is. For example Adam Curry was talking about download problems with “yesterday’s podcast” but I didn’t know if I had downloaded it since I didn’t know when yesterday was; this isn’t the best example since he is pretty good at dating the files (but sometimes he records late at night and the date isn’t always what you’d expect). BTW, it did turn out I hadn’t listened to that one.

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Written By: Gary on April 30, 2005 No Comment

You must sign up and then you have two chances to win a free iTunes song each week for the next eight weeks. The payoff seems to be about 50% so far. Plus you get entered to win an iPod each time you play. It only takes seconds to do this, have I ever let you wrong on a current free deal?!?

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Written By: Gary on April 28, 2005 One Comment

Anyone happen to see Anna Nalick in Chicago tonight at Borders? If so, two three questions: How many songs did she play? Anthing not on Wreck of the Day? and (of course) how was she?!?

Written By: Gary on April 28, 2005 No Comment

So Sarah and I are out to lunch today, we work in the same building and get lunch occasionally (and she calls with computer problems occasionally). We’re at Subway, where I usually don’t go, if it were a place I usually go, I’d know what I wanted before we even got there. So were in line chatting while I’m trying to figure out what to get and the subway lady (SL) is waiting for us. After we order and the SL is making our subs we had something we were talking/disagreeing/bantering about, so I said to the SL, “So… How long do you think we’ve been going out?” Sarah managed to keep a straight face and we proceeded to pressured her into giving an answer. Her answer was something like, “Not very long, since there wasn’t any yelling”. But she never asked us how long, which was good since we would have had to lie or fess up that we aren’t dating.

That brought a smile to my face multiple times today, “since there wasn’t any yelling”…

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Written By: Gary on April 27, 2005 One Comment

It’s amazing how great your day can be going and one stupid phone conversation can ruin it….

No bad news or anything, just stupid stuff…

Written By: Gary on April 25, 2005 One Comment


"We’re adults. When did that happen?!?
And how do we make it stop?"

–Merideth Grey

And her followup towards the end of the show:

Responsibility, it really does suck.

She did rattle off a lot of the bonuses of being an adult but it’s the blunt realities of the quotes this show that really help me to enjoy it.

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So I saw this book a few times at the bookstore but left it alone, but when I saw it at the library I signed it out. Twenty-year-old Shane Monroe works on a machine to generate tornadoes so that we can understand them and stop them. When it turns out his college assistantship is funded by the government he quits, but then he sees strange weather disasters and he knows that it’s his fault. This is the story of a normal (genius) kid and how he tries to stop him from using his machine for evil.

It was a fun easy read (high school level), lots of movie and television references by him and his buddies that I caught onto so that was fun. Lots of excitement as he gets caught up in the government conspiracy crisis that he’s not used to. A bit more gore (and death) than I expected at this reading level, but it increased the tension knowing that some of the characters might actually die.

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So I really like Ashton Kutcher when he’s not being goofy Ashton Kutcher, I like it when he’s normal Ashton Kutcher. Amanda Peet and AK were great in this movie. They kept meeting under different circumstances something always from being a couple. It’s interesting how they start in the past and work their way into the present. The soundtrack follows along with the time and very timely in the present they play Anna Nalick (who’s excellent album came out this week). A lot like love is both very sweet and very cute (both the movie and Amanda). So score some points and drag your girlfriend out to the movie or get your boyfriend to take you (it’s not such a chick flick that he’ll spend too much time complaining about it).

Written By: Gary on April 24, 2005 2 Comments

Bwah-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!!! I told them I could do it and no one believed me! It’s almost May and I’m making snow, blizzard like winds and it actually sticking to the ground!


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Written By: Gary on April 23, 2005 6 Comments

Warning! Extra-Geeky post:
I’m using MovableType 2.661 I’m missing having sub-categories and I was hoping some of the dynamic features might help speed up my rebuilds. I’ve also been getting really slow responses when posting comments. I do a lot of odd dynamic stuff already (the body of my messages only get built once (processed once) and they just get included everywhere else (although this isn’t really helping me on rebuilds since it’s probably rebuilding the pages anyways, it may actually be smarter than that). I use Mt-Blacklist and some other plug-ins. Some of my category archive rebuilds are really getting slow (I’m sure my date archives are slow two, but the categories just keep growing).

I thought with TypeKey and comment moderation at a minimum I could turn off MT-blacklist on comments and just use it for trackbacks (assuming that’s one of the things slowing it down) and Lisa recommended MT-Keystrokes for this too (but I think that’s just for MT 3.x). I’m also still reading some confusing stuff on if MT-Blacklist is fully-functional for MT 3.x (does it have all the same features, I don’t care if some of the new features aren’t perfected yet).

What’d I’d like to see is some rebuild stuff that is were a little smarter when I did reposts. Something like “your message is posted, please verify it and if it is a-okay then press OK to rebuild your indexes, archives and categories”. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t do this.

So I’m really looking for your two cents on if I should upgrade or what else I should consider. Anyone have any feedback on this or any of the above?

Written By: Gary on April 23, 2005 2 Comments

It’s snowing. You read that right, this isn’t an old post, it’s April 23rd and it’s been wet, windy and snowy all day. No accumulation, yet…

Yes, I said yet, they are predicting 4 to 7 inches of accumulation tonight! There is actually a storm warning from 10AM today until 6PM tomorrow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a warning that long (32 hours) before.

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Written By: Gary on April 22, 2005 10 Comments

Yahoo 360-Beta 1-1I finally got a Yahoo 360° invite. Here’s why you care, I’ve got invites to give out already. Leave a post in the comments (with your e-mail) and I’ll send you an invite. In case you didn’t know it’s a new on-line community, photo sharing, blog and more. What’s interesting is you can make certain kinds of info available only to friends or friends of friends or everyone.

Thanks to Bane for getting me an account!

I also still have gMail accounts to give out…

Written By: Gary on April 22, 2005 2 Comments

In the first 48 hours the new Pope received 56,191 e-mails! Almost half of those were in English. His address is benedictxvi@vatican.va (don’t send spam or you’ll go to hell!).

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Written By: Gary on April 22, 2005 No Comment

The Thursday Threesome is back after some technical difficulties with their Domain Name Renewal so that is the theme for today’s questions…

Onesome: Domain–Hypothetically, if you could own any domain name you wanted, what would it be and why?
McDonalds.com would be a good one, I’m sure it’s worth some $$$. But I’d like LaPointe.com or Hill.com which are family names (even lapointefamily,com or hilllfamily.com would be nice). I’d just like to get more family “stuff” on-line and that would be a good address.
Twosome: Name— Are you called by something other than your legal name? If not, have you ever had a nickname? Or done something weird with your name, to try and stand out? Like an odd spelling or a slightly different pronunciation? Or just flat out wanted to change your name? To what?

No, never any nicknames nor do I feel any need to change my name. Although I’m not real attached to it (my last name, not my first name) and if (when) I even get married if she doesn’t want to change her name, I’d change mine. Although I’m the last male LaPointe so it might upset some family…
Threesome: Renewal–Do you have any magazine or other subscription that is an absolute ‘must renew’ whenever you get the notice?
I almost always renew my Scientific American and my MIT Technology Review subscriptions. Those come to mind probably since they are are a little pricey (although sometimes I use my airline miles to buy them), most of my other magazines I get a real deal on (if not free). Oh, and I’m usually subscribed to Wired too, but that’s only $1 a month…

From The Thursday Threesome.

Written By: Gary on April 21, 2005 No Comment

Pick one word from each of the following pairs.
1. Laptop or desktop computer? Laptop. Powerbook!
2. When listening to music, headphones or no headphones? No Headphones.
3. CD or mp3? CD. But MP3s or AACs are way more convenient when they are all in my iPod.
4. When watching TV, lights on or off? Off!
5. DVD or VHS? DVD.

From Thursday Thoughts .

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Written By: Gary on April 20, 2005 One Comment

Imagine you and your co-workers are allowed to choose a new person to be in charge of your huge corporation (or even a huge non-profit). The last person in charge, while highly respected and loved, was ill for months before they passed away keeping your organization in all sorts of turmoil and doubt during all that time. Before you even start narrowing the list down, how many of you think you would choose a person who is ten to fifteen years past retirement age?

Written By: Gary on April 20, 2005 No Comment
1. How long is the Ruler of the Universe?
I’m not sure, but I think each one of those tick marks are each Infinity Minus One.
2. How was cream chese invented?
Ewww… I’m sure I don’t want to know.
3. If you were sending a letter to Israel, would you write the address and zip code in English or Hebrew? Why?
The address and zip would be in Hebrew but it would say Israel in large letters at the bottom. Just like if I’m in a foriegn country I write the address in english and United States of America/USA at the bottom, they just need enough to get it to the right country. (This is assuming this is not a trick question and Hebrew is actually what they speak in Israel.)

4. Why do headphones go over 1 ear and not both? What is really gained by filling the other ear with music as well? It all ends up in the brain in the end.
Because twice as many is better than half as many (bigger is better!). Our brains can tell the difference, you can “visualize” it better if the sounds on one side come into your heard on one side and other sounds on the other side, plus it helps to block out external noise.
5. Who let the cat out of the bag? Who put the cat in the bag in the first place? Why’d they do that?
I think the cat in the bag was an early version of the Schroedinger’s Cat quantum mechanics experiment! So they let it out of the bag to determine if it was alive or dead. Because I’m sure are you all know, before they opened the bag it was both.

From Wednesday Weird Ones.

Written By: Gary on April 20, 2005 One Comment

So I was just reading another blog (Glimpse of a Girl) and she has her review of the Tori concert and I realized I never said anything about it when I went last week! I think it was Thursday the 14th of April.

It was great!! The seats were really good, row M to the right, you always want to sit on the right at a Tori concert if you have a chance since she usually faces that way. She generally has two keyboards but plays most songs on the (baby?) grand on the right. This time was different she had four keyboards of various types and was constantly bouncing around so it offered a better view for others but the right was still the place to be… Tori Amos

Here’s the set list and now that I look at it I realize I forgot to mention she did a great cover of Bob Seger’s Turn the Page. Although the Abbey Road song I believe was hers (see the lyrics), she said she lived on Abbey Road (or near it) in a beautiful house and muttered something like “I should have bought that fuckin’ house…”

The odd thing was (and I’m not complaining since it’s not my favorite song) is she didn’t play Cornflake Girl which I think she always plays. I did miss Little Earthquakes, I kinda had that one running through my head…

It was at the Detroit Opera House which was a nice small venue (3,000-ish seats?). I had really thought I had been there before but I hadn’t, I had been to the music hall which was just down the street. I think the second balcony was bigger than the main floor, the first balcony were sorta/kinda box seats. Lame setup for the souvenirs though, couldn’t get very close to see if there was anything I needed.

Written By: Gary on April 19, 2005 One Comment
1. Where Do You Visit The Most On Vacation?:
Probably Florida, the Miami (pardon me, the South Beach area) and Ft. Lauderdale area. Haven’t been there in a while but it’s got sun and good roller blading. I’ve probably been to Florida the most especially counting other locations. I’ve been to Washington D.C. a lot but mostly for work. I’ve been to Chicago and Toronto more than a few times but those are usually quick trips and don’t require much planning. I’ll make Florida be my final answer!
2. What’s Your Idea Of A Dream Vacation?:

A town with water and a beach and lots of time to relax (and A/C in the hotel room). Not too much noise, not too much time to wait in a line for anything…
3. Ever Been To Disney World or Disneyland?:
Yes. As a kid and again when I was 18 or 19, it’s okay. It’d be more fun if I had my own kids to take.
4. What Has Been Your Favorite Vacation So Far?:
My last few vacations have been great London and Costa Rica. What I really liked about them was very little travel, didn’t keep changing hotels and towns and such, just mostly hung out in one spot. I’d probably give Costa Rica the higher rating since there was sun and beach and a lot more relaxing.
5. Have You Taken A Cruise?:
Yes, but I was only 15 so I don’t really think I got all the benefits from the trip.

From Chick Chat.

Written By: Gary on April 19, 2005 No Comment

"Would it be weird for me to start my own drinking game? Like, I have to do a shot every time someone asks for my help… "

— Veronica Mars

She’s just so funny!!!

Written By: Gary on April 18, 2005 2 Comments

Picture 2So I ordered the new Anna Nalick CD at the Sony on-line store last week. The CD comes out tomorrow. Guess what I got in the mail today!!!! It’s pretty good, but the Breath (2 AM) song is still my favorite. I’m still surprised it got here a day early…Anna Nalick

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From the time you get up in the morning until the time you go to bed at night, how many different digital/electronic devices do you use on any given day? Please consider listing them, as it would be interesting to see what everyone comes up with!
A timer automatically turns on a light about 10 minutes before my alarm, the digital alarm clock goes off (playing a CD), I use my remote to turn lights on and off, I use my garage door opener, I play my iPod, I use my cell phone (which is also my day planner), I use the computer at work (and that’s all before lunch).

I start my car with the electronic start, I use the digital counting machine to return pop cans and bottles (on my lunch break, the bottle machine was broken when I bought groceries yesterday and they were still in my car), I use my work cell phone, the copier, my work phone, my laptop, the printer, my answering machine, my TV remote, my stereo remote, my TiVo remote, the timer on my stove, my home computer, my home phone, my other home computer to sync my palm/phone. I used many of those multiple times. That’s not even counting the inadvertent use of things like the Wifi router in my home and other devices on timers and I’m sure there were many more but none come to mind this second…

From Monday Madness.

Written By: Gary on April 17, 2005 No Comment

So I’m reading this book review (by Martey Rich Keenan in the Detroit News) for a book called Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Now when I read the description it sounded like a blog, alphabetical but a blog nonetheless. So of course I had to check it out.

When I saw the book it made me think blog in so many ways. Timelines, lists of things (like smells) and memes (yes, I said memes!). There is at least one meme in the book that hasn’t been done yet (like we won’t be using that one in the near future)! I’m going to spend some time Wednesday and read this one, you should too! I’m not going to say much more – the review and the Amazon info (which is more than usual) should be enough to get you interested if this is your kind of thing.

I just remembered this part of the story – So when I saw the review (see above) I tore out the article with the intent of adding it to my amazon wishlist, but I forgot. But then I noticed it in my pocket when I was at Borders so that’s when I looked for it (with the educator discount this weekend). When I grabbed it I noticed there was a gap like another copy or two had been recently purchased (since the review yesterday). When I was back in Border’s tonight (did I say I liked books?) I heard a woman asking about it (I took the last copy earlier) so we started chatting, I think she’s really sure she wants it now, but I think she wanted the educator discount this weekend…

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Written By: Gary on April 17, 2005 No Comment

So I went over to Mount Olivet Cemetery this weekend. It’s a huge cemetery in Detroit. Part of it’s on the other side of Outer Drive and there’s a little tunnel that connects the two sides. It’s where my grandparents (from my mother’s side) were buried and my grandfather’s sister and his parents are also buried there. I took out my garden tools (which are limited since I only use them for days like today) and dug out around the stones and got rid of the grass that was covering the stones. I cleaned it all up and used some water to clean off the stones when I was done. I had never met my great-grandparents and I had never noticed that my great-grandfather died before my mother was born, some how I never realized this before… That’s been slightly disturbing to me the past few days.

I also dug around and cleaned up the two O’Neil tombstones that are practically right on top of ours. They are so close I actually went into the office once to see if they were somehow related. They were just so neglected, I think it’s because the stones have sunk so far it’s easy for the dirt and grass to get on them. My great-grandfather’s is almost as bad and his is lower then the other family members so I’m guessing that’s why. The writing on his is pretty faded, does anyone know if you can get tombstones re-engraved?

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If a spaceship landed in your front yard tomorrow and announced that you could go anywhere in the universe…….
a) would you get in the spaceship? You bet, no question about it.
b) if you did, where would you ask to travel? I don’t think it really matters where. I’d just be happy if they brought me back in a year or two.
Do you believe alien life exist in other parts of the universe? It has to! Why else would the rest of it be here if there wasn’t life elsewhere.

From QOTD 4/17/05.

Written By: Gary on April 16, 2005 4 Comments

Yahoo 360-Beta 1-1I’d love just one Yahoo 360° invite, can anyone hook me up?!? I’ve given out over 100 gMail invites (and I have more, just ask), isn’t there anyone who can help me? FYI, gMail is 2GB of free storage now!

I’m all hooked up now! Thanks Bane!

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BkomeletI know I mentioned it before but I finally had an Enormous Omelet Sandwich at Burger King. It’s delicious!!! I ate the whole thing, I almost always never finish a whole huge burger. Two sausage patties, cheese, egg, bacon all on a huge sub-like bun. I had to rush to get out of the house because it was 10:30 and I was afraid they were about to stop serving but I made it and it was delicious!!!

My BK whine of the week is that the combo prices are listed next to the sandwich. But that’s not the price if you get coffee or juice; the logical choice for breakfast.

BK whine #2, the WiFi is down again, but the wired ports are working so with my handy dandy Airport Express I’m good to go!

Written By: Gary on April 15, 2005 One Comment

Most Border’s Books and Waldenbooks are celebrating Educator’s Appreciation this weekend. This means 25% percent off most stuff and some various other freebies (books, food, contests, etc.). You just need a pay stub (they don’t have any way to check if you drive a bus or work in the cafeteria). They also give you a 20% off card for the year on books you purchase for classroom use.

Written By: Gary on April 9, 2005 2 Comments

I’m so not a bar person. Ths local bar where we normally hang out (this means happy hour and/or burgers) was having a DJ and a bigger party than usual. One) it’s not that busy and B) I wandered up here alone (I only live a few blocks away) . So I don’t have anyone to discuss the crowd here with and I’ve never mastered my bar social skills (unless I’m really drunk). Actually my social skills in chatting with strangers is lacking in general; that might be directly related to my being single…

I’ll give it another half-hour. I’m sure I’ll still be single but after a few more long islands I’m sure I’ll be more social…

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Friday was another beautiful day!! It was slightly hampered by a trip to the Apple Store (yes I know it’s normally a treat but my PowerBook was sick). The problem was that the hard drive died but they said the computer just had too many bumps and scratches to be covered by warranty (which was okay by me, it’s seen better days), I couldn’t even pay to have it repaired because they’d want (insist) to replace the pieces that are bumped and scratched (this is pretty much the whole thing since this thing goes everywhere with me; I wish it could get frequent flyer miles). This was annoying plus everyone I talked to said it was pretty hard to open it up. I wasn’t going to do it but I found this guide to opening up your powerbook. So I just ordered a new hard drive for it (hopefully that works). And the new hard drive has a little more storage and runs a little faster!

I also ended up getting to play whirlyball again! Thanks to Mark because this time it was for free (there were free drinks and pizza too)!

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Written By: Gary on April 7, 2005 One Comment

So when I listen to these radio shows and podcasts on my iPod sometimes they’re a little old when I listen to them so the news is a little old too. Sometimes this is disorienting. I’ll hear someone mention the Pope is ill or one other news fact and it throws me off a little bit. When I think about getting the news late, it’s bothered me a little bit and I’m not sure why?

But I’ve been catching up on the TiVo and it’s the same thing when I see ads for the evening news and it’s old too (especially when it’s the weather for tomorrow). The odd thing is the TiVo delays don’t bother me so much (and I recall the same when I used to use my VCR).

So why do the iPod shows bother me more? One big difference is they get mentioned in the actual show (and not in an ad) Adam Curry will mention the Pope or Leo Laporte will mention it’s Easter. I guess maybe that reminds me I’m listening to something old…

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There’s this baby up in the nursery, he’s brand new.
No one’s neglected him or damaged him yet…
How did we get from there to here?

That’s from Grey’s Anatomy, a great new show. It focuses on a group of four new residents who just started working those horrible 48 hour shifts at the hospital. The main character, Meredith Grey, has a mother who was a legend in the medical field so she’s got a variety o issues including living up to her mother’s legacy. There’s a few scenes up on the baby floor (at the observation window) that are pretty cute too. It’s on Sunday’s at 10 PM EST.

It’s an odd scene when they’re operating on the woman who was assaulted and raped, trying to be serious and also trying to break the tension by making light of it (which doesn’t work) and the one new doctor is freaked out because the woman was wearing the same bizzaro shoes that she wore to work today. But then they find something and it takes a minute to realize what it is… that it must have got bitten off from the man that assaulted her. It really bounces you from one end of the spectrum to another.

Then the police can’t make it right away so Meredith is stuck carrying around a cooler some they they don’t break the chain of evidence. As a bonus, guess who stumbles in to the hospital later in need of medical attention…?

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Written By: Gary on April 3, 2005 One Comment

So I went to Target (a department store) today to pick up a few things and to get a price adjustment (the price went down since I bought it and I wanted the savings back). They were fluorescent light bulbs (the ones you screw into a regular bulb socket) that had 3 in a pack that I bought a few for $8.88. The next week they were $6.21 (not worth taking them back), but this week they were on clearance for $2.21, now that was worth taking stuff back. Now they always have odd return rules that change so I brought a few packages of the bulbs with me (but I left them in the car). Of course they said price adjustments are only good for 14 days, so you need the item with you (and what they do is return it and you immediately re-buy it). I only had two packages (but I had bought three) so I tried to sweet talk them into letting me do all three but no luck (but I got $16 for the two, that’s more than I spent today), they said I’d have to return it later (later just means get back in line) but the line had grown. Maybe next week when I go back for something else (I’ll get another $6 then).

BTW, Easter stuff is 90% off, so I got some Cadbury Creme Eggs for five cents each!!!

Written By: Gary on April 3, 2005 5 Comments

Have I told you that I hate Daylight Savings Time lately? No, that’s probably because I only mention it twice a year. I think it’s crazy and not very helpful. That’s my two cents (and I only put in four cents a year on this topic). Does anyone really like DST?

Most importantly, don’t forget to change your clocks or you’ll be late for work tomorrow.

Written By: Gary on April 3, 2005 4 Comments

BkomeletA lot of people on-line are complaining about the Enormous Omelet Sandwich at Burger King. It’s unhealthy and people are obese already and it shouldn’t be allowed, etc.

I gotta say, it does look yummy. I could never eat a whole one or if I did, it would take a long time (I’m a slow eater). I’d think we need to outlaw the companies that make deserts first, the whole “purpose” of desserts is to be unhealthy.

I figure as long as we allow:

  • The gun companies sell to people without hunting licenses.
  • Stores to sell cigarettes to the healthy (or the un-healthy).
  • We let bars and restaurants serve (and let people leave) after clearly drinking too much.
  • We should probably let Burger King sell huge (enormous) omelet sandwiches.

    Okay, I had breakfast (bacon, egg, cantaloupe and orange juice) and I just had a bowl of cereal. I’m starving after seeing pictures of this sandwich. I’d go get one right now if they were still serving breakfast.

    Written By: Gary on April 3, 2005 One Comment

    So after all the news about Terri Shiavo’s life and death I’ve seen information related to Living Wills all over the place. So I went and printed one off and filled it out. I still need to sign it and have it witnessed but all the key info is there. Here’s a list of states with links to living wills, take five minutes and mark what your preference is and who you want to make those choices (that’s really all you have to do).

    It also made me think of my will and I hadn’t done any updating to that lately, I usually try to update it every few years. I don’t have an “official” will but I do have it written down where I want money and stuff to go. It’s not like I have a bunch of people who could fight over all my stuff, but at least it’s written down what I want. Otherwise, how would my mother know what to do with it? She probably doesn’t know most of my friends and she certainly doesn’t know the last names of most of the ones she does know. I keep with it a list of debt (only my house at this time) and stuff like bank accounts, IRAs and insurance information. I also have a list of things related to my funeral (okay, so maybe it’s getting a little morbid) but people always say “what would they want?” so now some of it’s written down. No one will say “hmm… in lieu of flowers, where should we send it” or “does he want it in the church he goes to? (and where is that?) or where he went when he was growing up?”. So I’ve got a few things little things like that put together, people don’t have to do it (what choice do I have at that point?) but at least I let them know what I wanted and there won’t be confusion about it…

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    So I finished reading Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell. It’s about how you perceive things in the first few second (blink of an eye). Correction, it’s really more about how accurate those perceptions are in the first few seconds. It also talks about the inaccuracies and what causes them (and how you can influence them). It’s very interesting if you like this kind of stuff (maybe even if you don’t).

    He talks about how hard it was to sell a super-comfortable chair because it was ugly, the Pepsi Challenge and race and gender differences when buying a car. One of the examples he uses is speed dating (which is analyzed for pages) in how you can use those five minute dates to get a first impression and how you can use it to determine if you want another opportunity to meet them.

    I’ve listened to the author (Malcolm Gladwell) before, he has participated in a few audio interviews at IT Conversations, these interviews can be downloaded as MP3s and put on your player or burned to a CD to listen to later. The first was on Human Nature (a few of these stories became chapters in Blink) and the other is specifically about the book Blink (which I haven’t listened to yet).

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  • TODAY- Run some errands. Watch some TiVo (the final episode of Invasion Iowa was on last night, it’s hysyterical). Maybe get my stuff for taxes together…
  • WFD- Hmmm… Unless I go out (and that’s not the plan) it’ll be Thai leftovers from Thursday.
  • QOTD- If you were guaranteed honest responses to any three questions, who would you question and what would you ask?  1) There’s a woman I never got completely over but I never understood why it ended so abruptly (i.e. dumped). 2 & 3 would have to be follow up questions. (I’m assuming you have to ask all the questions to the same person).
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