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December 2004

Written By: Gary on December 31, 2004 2 Comments

Now this looks like a cool place to go to college!
Fsu Joke Map

Stolen Borrowed from Costa at Population Statistic who has more information on the how and why of this map.

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FQ1: What’s an impressive gift ($50 US or less) on your wish list?
Probably the Star Wars Trilogy DVD (widescreen) set.
FQ2: What’s an expensive gift ($500 US or less) on your wish list?
I don’t think I have anything on my list that’s greater than $50 and less than $500. I’d love a plane ticket to somewhere warm. Oh, wait! I want an Alpine car stereo with the iPod adaptor!!! (Have I told you how much I like my iPod?!?)
FQ3: What’s an extravagant gift ($5000 US or less) on your wish list?
I’ve got a G5 iMac listed, but if I can go up to $5k I want the latest and greatest G5 desktop (with lots of disk space and memory) with a nice DUAL display card.
FQ Greed: Money is no object! What’s the most outrageous gift money can buy on your dream list?
A nice place on the west coast of Costa Rica. With high speed internet hookups and satellite TV and other “necessities”. Just to clarify, when I say west coast, I mean on the Ocean.

I did actually look at my Amazon wishlist to see what there is that I “need”…

From FridayQ

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Rumours have it that at the MacWorld expo in January that they will release a $499 desktop with no monitor. Wow! That’ll really shake things up. Competing prices with with a Wintel machine… Imagine that…

I was just looking at upgrade cards for an old Mac, why pay $399 for a card to get me up to the same speed when $499 will get get me there with a new machine, with new architecture, a new warranty, a faster bus, etc.

I got this from Jeff at geekable.com

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Diane is back after some intermittent posting and has a brand new layout (she’s actually been posting more regularly the past few weeks now). She’s a Michigan blogger (yeah!), taking classes in Computer Network Systems and is the Mother to five boys; it’s no wonder she’s “usually powered by Diet Coke and Brandy”. And she’s using these new/different smiley type faces as you can see here.

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Written By: Gary on December 28, 2004 One Comment

So the title is boring, but the content isn’t. At least watch the movie, preferably listen to the audio and then watch the movie.

So I was listening (3:28) to Future Tense today and they talked about this 8 minute film (watch it). It’s kind of how how personalized information will be presented to you in the future and some of the problems with it. It might be helpful to listen to Jon before watching the movie. It’s interesting.

This is extra interesting to me. I’ve been perfecting my personal daily “news” feed for my iPod. Everyday it automatically gathers a bunch of short shows for me to listen to; some are “real” radio shows and some are podcasts. It’s about 30 minutes of 10-12 shows that include (but not limited to): the news (NPR news, Future Tense and other tech), health, science (stardate astronomy, earth and sky, earthwatch), word of the day, and several fluff human interest stories (I’ll elaborate more on this in some futer posts). I do listen to more, but these are pretty much the for sure ones I listen to. It’s definitely limiting what I’m hearing, but at least it’s stuff I’m interested in. In the future I know these things will be smarter and I’ll get more variety with more choices but the searching just isn’t there yet so I’m manually having to make some generalizations.

I’d like some more variety but this is what I’ve found that I like so far. I’d love a few more “people” shows, maybe with some social/psychological-type info (but not a 30 minute show). I’d like my horoscope, I never read it but if it were to be read to me I’d listen. Letterman’s top ten would be fun too. And some local news would be great; not just the murders and fires but the things that are going on, what kids have done and other “stuff”. Any tips or suggestions?

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I gotta get me one of these!

death ray Elux1

Maybe two! It looks like a death-ray from Flash Gordon…

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Mell (of Divergent Poles) was trying to understand what a trackback is, so I’m making this post as an illustration.

While creating this message there was an empty spot (just like there is a place for the title) to add trackbacks, since I’m referencing this post (i.e. I’m talking about Mell) I’m adding his trackback information to that spot. When I post this message it’ll send a tiny message (called a trackback or sometimes referred to as a ping) to Mell’s message and now he’ll know I was talking about his post and get a better understanding of this (I hope). There is no indication on my site that I trackbacked him (other than me telling you), the main reason is to let him (and his readers) know I are talking about him and when others read his site they’ll know I’m talking about Mell so they might follow the link to see what I say (in this case, if they want to know what I think a trackback is).

Trackbacks are generally for when you are specifically referencing someone’s specific message. Sometimes if you’re making a similar post or have more information. But I think internet etiquette is it’s if you’re referencing their specific post. Since I am talking about his post, this is a valid example… I can’t even tell you how long it took me to understand this, hopefully my example will make some sense.

The trackback is not just the address for the site or the message, sometimes it’s something odd (for this example it’s http://haloscan.com/tb/mditangco/110399998884597771) but you don’t care ’cause you’re just going to cut and paste this part. If you look at his message you’ll see it now says “Trackback (1)” (or more, it was 0 before I posted) if you click there it will reveal the first few sentences of this message and the title is clickable and takes you back to this message (which is much more helpful as a link if you started at Mell’s and not here), it’ll also list any other trackbacks that may have occurred since then.

I use Movable Type and it supports Trackbacks, some software does not, so your mileage may vary.

This is where it gets confusing (the differences/similarities between trackbacks and pings) – Every time I post a post my blog automatically pings a few different addresses so other pages know I updated my page. Why? (I’m glad you asked) Here’s three examples. 1) This is so that things like the MovableType home page knows I recently updated and lists me as a recently updated page. 2) And so Blogrolling (see the list of blogs I read on the lower right) know I was updated. On my page if a page has been updated in the last 48 hours and blogrolling knows about it (from a direct ping at http://rpc.blogrolling.com/pinger/ or from looking at some other pingable places) it marks those pages in bold/italics for me and I don’t have to do a thing. 3) This same auto-ping alerts Yahoo! so that when (if?) people have me show up on their MyYahoo! start page it knows to update the content for them. This is probably technically called pinging a site but it’s probably not that much different than the trackback concept (if not identical). Bottom line, if I changed all the spots on my site to say “pings” instead of “trackbacks” it’d be the same thing.

Written By: Gary on December 26, 2004 One Comment

I almost forgot I have to go back to work for a few days this week. It’ll be quiet, I know I’m the only in my department. Lots of sorting and cleaning. I have to do a big initial pickup because they want to shampoo the carpet. A quick look to see if I want to rearrange and everything up off the floor. I’m taking all the paperwork off my desk (and the hutch and the chairs and the tops of the bookcases) and a bunch of file folders. If it isn’t from the last week and doesn’t go in a folder, it’s going in the trash!!! It’s not this bad anymore, but you get the idea. It’s just that I’ve thrown so much out lately and it’s still a mess…

Written By: Gary on December 26, 2004 One Comment

So it’s been a while since I watched Joan (and this week’s was a rerun) but at some point in the show (burnout) God says, “It’s like everyone has something better to do. Until they’re on a plane, and then they’re all over me”. I’m not going to worry about the context I’m just wondering why people feel that way. What makes people so fearful to fly? Everyone knows it’s way safer to fly than drive (I have no statistics on this, I’m just assuming you know it’s a fact) so why freak out about a plane crash. Most people haven’t had a ‘close call’ on a plane, while many may have had one in a car. Many people are on their way to have some fun somewhere, so they shouldn’t be worrying about anything (except maybe that they left the iron on at home). Once you get up there, it’s beautiful to look down day or night (IMHO). They don’t worry when they get in the car and they’re the ones in control (now that’s something to be scared of). Most people can’t even signal properly, it’s amazing they don’t have more dents in the car already. Although one thing is with the car is that you can have minor injuries, it’s not often you hear of a minor plane accident. Okay, I’m going to end this now since it’s starting to sound a little morbid… I just wanted to know

Written By: Gary on December 26, 2004 2 Comments

Cat cloneSo everyone keeps talking about the lady who cloned her cat at the Genetic Savings and Clone (no I’m not kidding) for $50,000. The strange thing is most articles I’ve read all focus on what she could have better spent her money on. I’m know $50k is a lot, but it’s not fifty million dollars, you could say the same about anyone who spends too much on a house or car or boat. They talk about it being a bit “morally reprehensible” but I’m not going to go there with this post, I’m just waiting for her to clone her ex-boyfriend…

FYI – If your pet dies unexpectedly be sure to just refrigerate it, don’t freeze it. (Once again, I’m not kidding)

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Written By: Gary on December 25, 2004 3 Comments

WARNING: No holiday content in this post!!!

It’s about time to ditch the WWW from web addresses. There is no technical reason to have them there. You want a secret? There never has been a (required) reason* to have them. Since the dark ages of the Internet people have typed that 4 extra characters every time they want a page while most web pages do not require it. It’s actually the http:// that tells the computer it’s a web page (not the WWW) and most web browsers do not require the http:// part either (and haven’t for a long time) since it’s a web browser it’s first assumption is that it is a web page so it views it correctly (most e-mail browsers and word processors like it so they know for sure where to send you).

Nowwwclass-BWhy am I babbling about this today of all days? 1) it’s a pet peeve. 2) I just heard them talking about it on a radio show (which is coincidentally a podcast). 3) I want to expose you all to more podcasts whenever I can so I can get you hooked. Over at Future Tense they discuss it. You could go there and read it or you could just listen to the MP3 file (or the Real Audio file). I don’t know how long they keep the audio files up so listen while you can, it’s under four minutes long. (SORRY, AUDIO DOESN”T WORK ANYMORE.)

* You’d want it if you wanted it to be on a different computer than other services, but what service could you offer that you’d want to have a shorter name than you main information server? Yes, e-mail is the obvious answer, but e-mail has always (at least as long as I remember) had an option to run on a different computer. For more info see http://no-www.org/ and scroll down to Aug. 14, 2003.

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Merry Christmas! We’ll ignore the whole spirit and joy thing for now and just talk about the important stuff: What did I get!!!

I got the Cartographica Extraordinaire: The Historical Map Transformed which is a huge book about maps and the evolution of them. I like maps* and I saw these guys on the The Screen Savers talking about maps and the book and they way they superimpose images and scan and do stuff to make old maps better…

I got shirts and ties and gift certificates and something from my amazon wishlist that didn’t arrive yet (but I don’t know what it is) and candy and wine and a 512MB(!) thumb drive and that’s all I can think of for now.

* I’ve always liked maps. Maps and luggage. Digital maps, fold-up maps, road maops, etc. Always on the quest for the perfect map! For the luggage thing, I’m always looking for travel bags, backpacks, laptop cases, anything with lots of pockets to store all my junk and gizmos and stuff.

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Mexican style food and appetizers for dinner were fun! The kids sure seemed to love it. To clarify these are kids that I bought gifts for last weekend’s holiday get together, so we’re just there to hang out and eat and watch the kids play (this is fine with me they’re hysterical to watch). So now the adults have wrapped up gift cards from the kids for me as a thanks (this isn’t normal). Which is great, I love gift cards, Target and Best Buy (like I’m not in those stores 3 times a week), I’m even conscientious about how I spend them; I won’t use them to fill my prescriptions, I’ll use them when I get music, movie or some accessory for my computer or iPod (then I can tell them what I got).

Okay so I digressed, again, but I buy the presents for the kids ’cause I want to. I find stuff I like and I’ll know they like and it makes me happy. I figure out what I wanted for one the girls and spent too much time/money on it, but it’s what I wanted, so it’s what I got. What I want (at most) is for the kids to make me something as a gift or thank you. Or to make sure you invite me to the birthdays, I don’t eat much and I bring good presents, what’s the problem…
Two of the points made me laugh since they apply to me:

  • It’s just that a geek’s approach to life tends to be if-x-then-y.
  • They don’t get hints.

    It’ll probably be a little different when I have kids, whenever that will be. Maybe that’s all they need to do for me, secure a date with a single friend, that the exchange dynamic gets different and I (we) eventually end up with a kid or two (isn’t that the better conclusion)…

    We’ve now hit the effect of being alone at Christmas and the Ambien sleeping pill is starting to kick in…
    I wonder how all this stuff will read back tomorrow…

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    So it’s Chirstmas Eve (day) and I’m trying to finish stuff up. All I’ve got to get together is Mom’s loot and some clothes for tomorrow (and I’ve got to wrap Mom’s stuff still). I think everyone else that I’m seeing in the next 36 hours I’ve already exchanged gifts with (at least I hope so).

    Tonight, Mom & I will go over my Aunt’s (or is it my cousin’s? they’re only three houses apart) and watch the kids go crazy, I think they’ll only be four of them (unless it’s at my cousin’s, where there might be kids-in-law). We’ll head to my Mom’s (eight or nine blocks away) and do presents and stuff in the morning. Then dinner with her boyfriend and then I’ll head home and let them do gifts, etc. Now that I’m thinking of it, he might be there tonight if he’s not working.

    Every drive safe and have a great holiday!!!

    Written By: Gary on December 23, 2004 One Comment

    Did you get the snow that we got here (Michigan)??? We’re buried in a little bit here. They’re plowing behind my place or I’d be shopping, I was hoping they’d plow enough behind the condos so I wouldn’t pack it all down with the car. Plus it’s garbage day so it’s an extra disaster day out there. It all looks beautiful though, I can’t wait to go check out some lights at night.

    Written By: Gary on December 22, 2004 One Comment

    AdamcurryMany of you know Adam Curry from Mtv, but these days he’s known as “the prince of pod” or “the podfather” or a few other (complimentary) things. He did a lot of pushing in a lot of ways to make podcasting what it is today. His almost daily show is The Daily Source Code, to appreciate it you really need to listen (at last count I think he said he’s got 50,000 listeners). He does it like a live show, if he screws up it’s there, it’s about 40 minutes an episode so put it on your mp3 player or burn a few episodes to CD and listen to it at your convenience. He’s hysterical. His show is about tech, podcasts, music and his life, check it out.

    His show consists promos for other shows, music for (mostly small) bands he likes, adjusting to life in England, reverb, drumlines, cowbell and the (neverending) saga for high speed internet in his new home. He’s been trying to get high speed access for a month now and it’s a quest, it’s actually made several papers that the ‘Gilford exchange is out of ports and how this has been brought to light by the Daily Source Code’.

    He really seems like a genuinely nice guy who’d be fun to hang out with. He’s like the guy you know who has all the tech toys and seems to have time to work with them all and has the ability (and time) to have fun doing it!

    For more podcasting artcles and info: CNN, Wired or Dave Pogue.

    Written By: Gary on December 19, 2004 4 Comments

    So we did Christmas with part of the extended family and Kelli (one of my cousin’s kids) was all dressed up in different clothes that had snowflakes and different shades of blues. I just kept thinking, “Hey! She looks like my blog!”

    Written By: Gary on December 18, 2004 One Comment

    I’ve got a new wintery snowy template for my blog! This is extra relevant since the fall theme was definitely out of date. Even more relevant as I was whining today that I want to go see Christmas lights but I want there to be snow on the ground when I do it!

    A special Thank You to Graphix by SnoGirl.

    Written By: Gary on December 18, 2004 One Comment

    So it’s been a year (and FYI this is my 500th post!) and I’ll ramble a bit about blogging itself. This is a great and easy medium to get thoughts and information and stuff on-line and out to people. I really enjoy it, if you haven’t done it you need to try it it’s really easy. Typepad offers free trials and Blogger offers free blogging in a really easy way.


  • It’s so easy to do!
  • Talking and thinking about other things (semi)coherently makes me think about them and about life.
  • Finding out that other people actually read this :)
  • Finding that others link to this blog :)
  • It’s very interesting that people that I have no idea what we might have in common read/link here.
  • Comments!!! It’s really interesting to see what some people comment on and what they don’t…


  • CSS – What actually makes the page appear the way it works. It’s not 100% consistent from web browser to web browser.
  • IE – Nothing ever looks consistent in Internet Explorer (on either platform) as it does in other browsers.
  • Feeling the need to post because the blog is getting stale (and readers might not come back). I’m only a little concerned when it gets old, I bring it up since so many other bloggers seems to get stressed about it or even quit because of it.
  • Comment spam! Which (thankfully) I don’t get too much of.

    I was really hoping to do something a little more meaningful for my 500th post but I haven’t gotten around to it and I haven’t posted other things since I wanted to do the “meaningful thing” so this is all you get for now (and I can do some more normal posts now). I’ll try to offer some more meaning as the calendar year comes to a close.

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    Written By: Gary on December 13, 2004 2 Comments

    So after a year it looks like my most popular posts (based on comments) are ones discussing Tempurpedic Mattresses and Charlie Sheen’s Shirts. I’ve gotten a few on some of my semi-political posts which I try to post so neutral people generally think my opinion is the opposite of what it actually is.

    These are also a few of the things people most often get here from search engines. Other searches often found are Senior Quotes, a long quote from Garden State, duck tape prom dresses, boogers immune system and a few others.

    In case you weren’t sure all these items are on the site, just check the search engine. Occasionally I get some weird ones like “guess book of individual cat sale in las vegas” which just all those words were somewhere on one archive page, I just can’t believe I rank second on a google search like that…

    Written By: Gary on December 12, 2004 One Comment

    So it’s been a year since I started this blog. I’ve typed hundreds of entries (I don’t think I made the 500 mark yet). I’ve changed many parts of it:

  • the title several times (Something Nice Happened Today [dropped the nice for a while], If I blog in a Forest and No One Reads It, Do I Make Any Noise [a few variations of that, but it was to darn long, but it was kinda my favorite] and Let Me Make My Point(e) [with the E emphasizing my my name] and it was temporarily Do you See My Point(e)?)
  • Changed the background a few times and had a few psychedelic rotating ones, it’s still a little busy but I work really hard to make it compatible in all browsers (and all screen resolutions) and if not there’s a nice PDA version you can use.
  • My blog ReadRoll has grown and I’ve redone that a few different ways.
  • Added and changed some categories but it’s still pretty close to the original.
  • Added the whole about section with lists stuff about me and what tools/plug-ins I use.
  • Redone the internals quite a bit, switched to PHP and a few other things.
  • Added some advertising to the sides and some ads here and there and maybe that’ll pay off someday…
  • I’m passing over 5 GB of data a month. And I’m still not sure where it’s going, I’ve disabled my photo albums so it’s mostly just my content. I’ve even reduced the number of entries on my main page and it’s still growing so at least I’ve got readers (and occasionally some commenters). Some people get really bent when they don’t get comments, I’m okay without them, but it sure makes me happy when I get them…

    I’ve tried to stay away from whining and complaining too much, but sometimes cars get broken into and sometimes people die and sometimes BK screws up my order so I need to vent a little. I’m about in the same place in life as a I was last year: single, childless and still looking to make those changes. (As much as people complain about it I’d rather be spending time this month assembling bicycles or cribs or whatever.)

    Even though I created The Daily Meme I’ve become less of a meme-a-holic which I’ve been missing so I think I’ll go back to those silly quizzes as a way to express things about myself…

  • Written By: Gary on December 12, 2004 One Comment

    People love their iPods!! Or if they don’t have one, they crave one…

    Of the hard drive digital music players they have something outrageous like 90% of the market and 40-something percent of the whole (HD and Flash Memory) market. Some numbers depend on how you measure (World, North America, US, etc.)

    In a non-Apple-centric world they gotta be doing something right to get that much market share…
    Think about it, HP has second place because they are buying the Apple model and adding (note: not removing anything) an HP logo to the back (and probably not offering engraving).

    Battery whiners aside (that it doesn’t last long enough), it’s pretty easy to get in the habit of charging them, just put the charger by your cell phone and voila! (or get a car charger, like your cell phone). It’ll charge off your Firewire (and maybe USB) ports so it charges when you sync it with your songs (and it charges even if you don’t sync).

    Sorry to preach but I’ve just been reading snotty comments from people who obviously don’t have one and who couldn’t at least make a positive recommendation towards another one (or at least offer to sell the one they might have had “if” it wasn’t any good). At least make a case that they’re more expensive than others out there. There’s a reason everyone in the world isn’t driving the least expensive car, they don’t have the perks that the more expensive ones have (but they still get them to where they’re going).

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    Written By: Gary on December 11, 2004 No Comment

    So I made a visit to the funeral home today. I forgot how many people show up when the person is so young. He was about 24 and he had been a student in the school district where I work and his mother works there (in a position where many many people know her and trust her) so there there were just bunches of people. There were teachers who don’t even work there any more, people who knew mom and whose kids knew mom and it was really sad to see how many people were there. It was an automobile accident and there had been another death of a former student this past week (also an auto accident related) so everyone was even sadder than usual.

    I didn’t think there’d be that many people I knew there and wasn’t really thinking I’d have to be social and make much real conversation. I usually say hello (and do the other stuff) and then I usually get lucky and find someone’s kids to entertain while I’m there. Most times I go to these things I generally don’t know the family or I don’t really know the deceased; this time my connection was to both. I know his mother from work and earlier this year I was complaining about our department being behind in some things and she did the mom thing and mentioned that he was between jobs and so he worked for our department for a little while doing some various tech jobs for us. She talked to me for a little bit about that today to me (I was surprised she even remembered in the state that she must be in) and the impact and the closure for him being around in the district and such. I seem to recall that someone told me he was more of the spiked hair type of kid when he was a student and that wasn’t the case now so he’d probably gone through a few changes since then…

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    Here’s a tip for connecting to the free WiFi at Panera. It wants you to authenticate via a web page (just click to accept their rules) so if you try your mail program (or something else first) it will not connect to the net. So launch the web first and you should be okay.

    Extra Macintosh Tip: It doesn’t seem to like safari to authenticate so I always launch IE first to authenticate and then use the browner of my choice…

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    Written By: Gary on December 11, 2004 No Comment

    Chile-EasterSo this isn’t exactly a post about Easter Island, it more about the map of it at MapQuest. The 3 legged armadillo (3LA) did a post of useless roadmaps (post no longer on-line) )and I thought it was pretty funny. The amount of detail is incredibly lacking. One of the maps the 3LA links to actually has some detail, made me wonder if Mapquest is actually working on it as we speak…

    Written By: Gary on December 10, 2004 5 Comments

    Anyone know anything about a planetary alignment tonight? (Or this week?) The weather guy mentions it (on the left down a little, by the video clip) but I can’t find anything on-line about it (Yahoo/Google/Space.com). A link (or two) if you had any information would be excellent…

    Written By: Gary on December 9, 2004 No Comment

    Sharon complied a list of Holiday links to on-line activities. Be sure to check them out.

    Written By: Gary on December 7, 2004 No Comment

    So I’ve almost been posting for a year AND I’m almost to 500 posts. If I average my average number of posts per day I’ll probably hit both at the same time.

    I kinda jump from one end of the spectrum to the other (funerals to sappy TV shows to technology), I keep thinking that I’ll break out the tech into it’s own blog, but I can’t decide it that’s necessary. I’ve got an idea for a tech specific blog, and if I do that, then I’d have two tech blogs (extra geeky and semi-geeky) so I think I’ll keep them together for now and if I go the other route I’ll just keep the long tech reviews to the extra geeky blog.

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    Written By: Gary on December 7, 2004 No Comment

    So my grandfather passed away last week, just days after I commented on not seeing him and my grandmother enough. We’ll work out the guilt on that later (and we will). I’ve never done a funeral before with that side (my father’s) of the family. I had volunteered to do a reading at the church, I’m glad I did especially since no one else had volunteered to do any readings I got to do all three reading…

    So it was pretty much the same as most funerals but a little more boring. Same church as usual, same place for food after (as usual), but less fun, I know it’s a funeral but I usually feel a little more like it’s a celebration. Nothing super different, just a few more jokes and stories and such afterwards (or even during). I was really ready for a drink by the time we got the restaurant, but they did the no smoking no drinking option; I’m not really sure why I’m mentioning the drink part but it’s days later and it’s stuck in my head so it’s out on this virtual “piece of paper”.

    My cousin’s 11 month-old there and I got to play with her (once she warmed up to me) so that was great, she loved playing with the christmas ornaments on the wall and looking in the mirror. And I got to see all sorts of people that I hadn’t seen in a while and that was nice, I just wish we could do it more often than funerals and other obligatory days.

    Written By: Gary on December 7, 2004 No Comment

    So in the January 2005 issue of MacAddict (just came in the mail) there is a two page article about podcasting and some links and info on how to listen in. Remember you don’t need an iPod you can just listen to them on your computer or you can just have the podcasting software deliver it to (free) iTunes for Mac or Windows.

    A big part of the article is a sidebar on “Podcast Pioneer Adam Curry”. I was just listening to Adam on my way home, he’s finally settled in his new home in the UK and I think this (yesterday) was his first show from the new location. He does his show (the Daily Source Code) like it’s live, so you get all the fun stuff when he spills his tea allover his desk and is bitching about the mess. He’s hysterical, be sure to check his show out…

    Written By: Gary on December 1, 2004 3 Comments

    Someone keeps a Listmainia list at Amazon.com on the 25 Weirdest Items (LINK BROKEN) you can buy! I own the number 1 item! And one of the other items is also on my Wish List.

    Written By: Gary on December 1, 2004 No Comment

    So I had a quick (less than 24 hours) trip to Kalamazoo, it was supposed to be longer but it got cut short (hmmm… I never mentioned that my sick grandfather passed away last weekend, did I?). I’m liking K’zoo more and more. It started off great in that I took the train and I love the train; so easy, so cheap. I got a great room, they were full or they liked my smile or something but it was a nice suite for the same price as the other people at the conference. When I say “nice” I mean the bedroom was bigger than most hotel rooms, the living room was bigger and they kitchen had a dishwasher, I had a couch, seven chairs, three phones and a gazillion lamps. And wired high-speed Internet! (thanks to my airport express) I (and my neighbors) had wireless Internet access. The city has some lights set up but by the time I checked in it was pouring outside (which later must have turned to ice which closed the schools). The snow looked great this morning, I wish I could have checked them out in the dark with the snow. Last time I was there we went to the museum and the planetarium and the very nice (new) library. BTW, the session at the conference was very good, so it was a successful trip.

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