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December 2003

Written By: Gary on December 30, 2003 No Comment

Dominoes is great! It’s a simple strategy game that can be learned quickly. Did you know that Dominoes is an actual game and you can play many different games with just one set of pieces? It’s sort of like cards with lots of different games; sometimes different variations of the same game. So can you guess what I was playing this evening?Dominoes

Dominoes is the best kept secret, I know few who play but many of them like to play often. Dominoes started in the 1100’s. It’s easy, it’s fun and people realy like it. It’s sort of like playing cards.

It’s easy to get started with a set for $10 or less set of Double 9s, which means each side of the dominoes goes from 0-9 (it’s easiest to play with the colored dots). Try it, you’ll like it…

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Written By: Gary on December 29, 2003 2 Comments

Well it’s been a nice long weekend (5 days). I got to ride on the train (did I tell you I love the train?) and visit the crew on the west side of the state again (Heather, Nan, Tina and more…) and we ate (lots) and played games (WordDrop/Euchre). We also went to a museum which had all sorts of cool stuff (and the signage actually explained stuff) and a planetarium visit. Got to play with Heather’s & my blogs. Saw many other friends and managed to relax a whole lot…

Well that’s a bit of a few sentences that doesn’t say much specific.
Hmmm…. “I had lots of quality time with friends, had lots of fun and relaxed a lot!” That pretty much says it all…

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I’m off to see friends (Heather, Nan and the rest of the Allegan crew and whomever is visiting) and I’m on the train from Dearborn to K’zoo and I’m loving it. It’s so easy and you get the landscape (if you can call it that) floating by the window and I can blog/read/computer/etc. It’s pretty full (and left a little late) and I’m sitting next to this really quiet woman (reading Steven King) with my coke, my blog and I’m ready to watch a movie or something…

The Dearborn train station is a mile from my house and has free parking that’s right next to the police station which makes this extra convenient for me!

Written By: Gary on December 25, 2003 One Comment

I just got up and it looks exactly how it’s supposed to look outside on Christmas!!!

Need I say more?

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Written By: Gary on December 25, 2003 No Comment

The kids were hysterically funny tonight. So many presents… They got a million on Sunday and they were already ready for more.

I had brought over a kit to make ornaments out of Lego-like pieces. They (4, 5, 7, 9 years old) were thrilled! They didn’t want to get up and go open presents. So if you see any of these on clearance tomorrow, be sure to pick some up.

Got to drive around a bit and look at some lights. There are a few streets around that put the little tea lights out in front and it was very nice. (It’d be better if there was snow!)

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There seems to be some issues with editing Movable Type posts on a Macintosh, it doesn’t show you the formatting tools (bold, italics, underline, links). Well even if it did, you’d still want this software tool, it’s called Ecto (formerly Kung-Log) (for OS X) and it lets you do all that and more. Create thumbnails, different blogs, categoris, post drafts, customize your own HTML commands, save drafts on the hard drive (if not on-line) and edit (yes, I said edit) previous posts and it has a spell check.

This version requires MacOS 10.2 or higher and either a MovableType installation of version 2.6 or higher, Nucleus 1.55 or higher, or any weblog system supporting the MovableType, MetaWeblog and/or Blogger API.

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It’s here! I’ve been too busy to post (imagine that!) and I should be on my way to my Mom’s (my Aunt’s actually) but I needed to relax for a few minutes and thought I’d type for a few. It’ll be fun to see all my cousin’s kids tonight, I’m sure they have too many presents from Sunday but this give them some more to open. :)

I’ve got a few more things to wrap, one more present to find (it’s somewhere here) and maybe one more to buy (I meant to get Mom a charger for her new cell phone) depending on the lines…

Have a Merry Christmas to all! And please drive safe!

Written By: Gary on December 22, 2003 No Comment

Have you seen the preview for Spiderman 2? It looks like it has some pretty good effects and hopefully some plot…

I cannot even tell you how excited (some of) my friends and I get when we see extra movie previews!

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Written By: Gary on December 21, 2003 No Comment

It’s so much fun to watch kids open presents for the holidays! They get so excited, why do we (adults) make it so hard for them by making them wait? It’s really great, the holidays are so much better with the kids running around. All the kids were extra good this year with hugs and thank you’s and such, that makes it all worth it…

And you never know what present is going to be the hit. Some 3D National Geographic ViewMaster-type toy made the rounds to all the kids and adults. So if you’re still shopping keep that in mind. :)

Written By: Gary on December 20, 2003 No Comment

So I forgot all about fireworks the other day when I was talking about looking into the light!

Why do I bring up fireworks when it isn’t July?!? Because I took a nap today and work up to the sound of fireworks and when I opened the blinds I could see a pretty good display. They sounded pretty close but I think the city of Dearborn must have been putting them on (which would be about a mile away). By the way if I didn’t mention it, I love fireworks! But then who doesn’t! (I believe this was an event at Greenfield Village)

And I got to see Joan of Arcadia today!

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Saw lots of friends today:

  • Still got to hang out with Heather and friends. Dad made a bunch of us breakfast. And we got a lot of snow on the west side (Allegan) of the state.
  • Had dinner with Judy in East Lansing. Got ice creme and did a little Christmas shopping too.
  • Barb &Karl were in town (from Indiana) and got a bunch of us together. Saw some people I had seen before and met a few new ones.
  • And I got to stop by the Apple Store today too!
  • Got to talk to some friends on the phone as I was driving around the state…
    All and all, a great day.

  • Written By: Gary on December 18, 2003 No Comment

    Heather got ordained as a Deacon today! It was a wonderful service, I got to see people I hadn’t seen for ages and meet people I’ve only heard about…
    We were at The Cathedral of Christ the King in Kalamazoo. Here are some more pictures from Wes.

    Written By: Gary on December 18, 2003 No Comment

    Joan_ of Arcadia is on Friday at 8 PM (Eastern) don’t forget to watch it!

    Joan is a normal girl who meets God one one day and God gives her tasks to do.

    Joan is what motivated me to start blogging (from an earlier entry):

    “She gets these incredible tasks and she does them because it’s God. But I’m not sure if it’s faith or knowing that it’s all going to turn out okay (or is that faith?). Sometimes she’s done bad things to make things be good in the long run, but no one understands why it’s the ‘knowing’ that makes her stick to it, but I’m not sure if this ties into the faith since she ‘knows’. Is it a sign from god if you don’t have to interpret the signs?”

    Written By: Gary on December 16, 2003 No Comment

    Gave a demonstration/class today on a new system (I sure hope this works!) we’re running at work and everyone was pretty happy about it. Usually change isn’t good!

    Helped someone get a really good price on a Dell computer. I really like helping people buy technology! Especially with their money!

    The other was a network issue that we never exactly figured out, but it was interesting and educational still trying to figure out what the person was doing and they were doing something but were they doing something “wrong”? We were highly entertained during the chase.

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    Written By: Gary on December 15, 2003 No Comment

    Actually they are gone for now, but you can still Make a Flake and stay in the wintery mood! This is pretty neat/fun/unique. You can share and even browse the library.

    Technically this is supposed to be an ad for Jockey but the first link gets it full screen for you. (If the first doesn’t work, try the second.)

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    Written By: Gary on December 15, 2003 No Comment

    I’m so excited!!! I can post wirelessly to my blog via the cell phone. I don’t know how often I’ll use this feature but it’s nice to know that it’s an option. I just love technology!

    It’d probably be just as easy to hook the phone up to my laptop, but I’ll sleep better knowing that I can. ;)

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    There is snow outside this morning! I guess it’s not really a snow day since there is no school to not go to today, but it looks really nice outside. This ties into a previous (unmentioned) complaint about there being no snow and viewing everyones holiday lights outside. There’s not enough to make a snowman or anything but it looks like it’ll stick around so I can see the lights reflecting off the snow!

    But for those of you not around here or who have ever been to it, this means the Wayne County Lightfest, several miles of blocked off traffic along Hines Drive when you can see all kinds go animated festive lights. So load of the kids and get one over there! Sure, they’ve been doing it since Thanksgiving, but with no snow, why go??

    Written By: Gary on December 14, 2003 No Comment

    Since the Apple iTunes Music Store is the Time “Invention of the Year” (I’m not kidding) I figured I better get some gift certificates for the holidays! Not that the Apple Store isn’t always a happy visit (you’ve never been to such a clean crisp store!) and they had exactly what I needed.

    I got gift certificates with nice envelopes and they even had iTunes installation CDs for Windows (which I had asked for a month ago and they didn’t exist yet!). So I’m all set with those gifts and they came in a cool apple bag (which converts to a backpack like thing).

    Added bonus: I got to see eleven week-old baby photos from (Kelly) one of the Apple staff!

    The problem is that I wish I had gotten more, I’ve already thought of a dozen extra stockings to stuff. Well, it’s time for another trip…

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    Written By: Gary on December 13, 2003 No Comment

    So I’ve got my tree up with the lights turned on, the fireplace is going and I really enjoy just relaxing with them on (and the other lights off). I don’t even have any bulbs on the tree but I find it all oddly comforting… Besides television (and computers), fire and decorative lighting are some of the few things that people do while staring directly into a light source (think about it). I’m not sure why it’s so enjoyable, but it is! Just think of deer and headlights.

    The backlight of the laptop I’m using is distracting (yet somehow appealing), so I think I’m going to wrap this up and watch the lights.

    Written By: Gary on December 12, 2003 No Comment

    Can I tell you how much I like Joan of Arcadia? I like it enough that it got me to finally set up a blog. Joan is a normal girl who meets God one one day and God tells her what to do. Not unlike the voices in people’s heads she generally doesn’t tell people why she is doing these things.

    God tells (suggests) her to ask ask the school trouble-maker to the “Crystal Ball”, the semi-formal, and (of course) does not tell her why. This really comes down to preconceptions (the series deals A LOT with them) about people. She defends him and listens to him and and even ties his tie for him. She was nice to him. In the end she saves the world or at least the world of a few people, just by being nice. It’s not so hard being nice and it’s a lot more fun than the other. And of course she gets grounded for it.

    She gets these incredible tasks and she does them because it’s God. But I’m not sure if it’s faith or knowing that it’s all going to turn out okay (or is that faith?). Sometimes she’s done bad things to make things be good in the long run, but no one understands why it’s the ‘knowing’ that makes her stick to it, but I’m not sure if this ties into the faith since she ‘knows’. Is it a sign from god if you don’t have to interpret the signs?

    I’m sure I’ll talk more about the show later, but for now, it’s where you should be on Friday nights (at 8 pm Eastern), unless of course you have TiVo.

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